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Bartlesville, Oklahoma

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Jo Allen Lowe Park Trail

Pathfinder Pathway

Robinwood Park Trail

Robinwood Park Trail

Sooner Park Trail

Turkey Creek Trail



Bartlesville is a city of 34,000 people that is located in northern Oklahoma, 40 miles north of Tulsa. The city is situated along the Caney River and is located just east of the Osage Reservation.

Pathfinder Pathway

The Pathfinder Pathway is a 5.5-mile long paved pathway that follows alongside the Caney River. The trail has few street crossings and wanders through the trees along the river's edge.

The west end of the trail is located at Johnstone Park at SE Cherokee Avenue and 1st Drive. The trail heads to the east and goes under E. Tuxedo Boulevard and under E. Frank Phillips Boulevard. At this location, there is a junction with the trail that follows alongside E. Frank Phillips Boulevard. The trail loops to the south and goes under SE Adams Boulevard.

The Pathfinder Pathway continues to the south going through the natural area between S. Shawnee Avenue and Silver Lake Road. The route then takes it to the east and it crosses under Silver Lake Road near Polaris Drive and near Wesleyan Christian School. At this point, there is a junction with the paved pathway alongside Silver Lake Road.

The Pathfinder Pathway then takes a few jogs and ends at Stonewall Drive. This location is near Wayside Elementary School. There are other local pathways that head south to reach Jo Allyn Lowe Park.


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