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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Bert Cooper Trails

Earlywine Park Trail

Hefner-Overholser Trail

Katy Trail

Lake Stanley Draper Access Trail

Oklahoma River Trail

Overholser Trail

Soldier Creek Trail

South Grand Trail

West River Trail




Oklahoma City is located in the center of the State of Oklahoma and is the state capital. The city has a number of recreational trails for bike riding and walking.

Bert Cooper Trails

The Bert Cooper Trails are also known as the Lake Hefner Trails. There are 9 miles of paved trails that wrap around Lake Hefner on the north side of the city. Lake Hefner is located just west of Highway 74 and just south of Hefner Road. Bikes are allowed on the wider asphalt trails. The narrow trails on the east side of the lake are for pedestrian use only. A portion of the trail system is along the dam road and is shared by vehicles.

The Bert Cooper Trails connect several local parks, such as: Bluff Creek Park, Lake Shore Park, Lake Hefner Park and Stars and Stripes Park. The trail also goes by Lake Hefner Golf Club.

Hefner-Overholser Trail

The Hefner-Overholser Trail connects the trails around Bert Cooper Trails at Hefner Lake with the Overholser Trail. The north end of the trail is at W. Britton Road. The trail follows alongside N. MacArthur Boulevard for several blocks then along W. Wilshire Boulevard. The trail wraps around Wiley Post Airport. Portions of the ride require you to travel along surface streets, such as riding along NW 50th Street to N Stinchcomb Avenue. A short portion travels alongside Stinchcomb Avenue, adjacent to the Stinchcomb Wildlife Refuge to the start of the Overholser Trail on the south side of Highway 66.

Overholser Trail

 The Overholser Trail is a 2.5-mile paved pathway that travels alongside E. Overholser Drive on the east side of Lake Overholser. The trail extends from Highway 66 to NW 10th Street. It connects with the Hefner-Overholser Trail on the north end and the West River Trail at the south end.

West River Trail

The West River Trail is a 7.5-mile long paved trail that wraps around the southwest portion of Oklahoma City. It starts at NW 10th Street and E. Overholser Drive, at the south end of the Overholser Trail. The West River Trail then heads south along the natural area along the North Canadian River. The trail goes under Interstate 40 and then wraps around to the east. The trail crosses S. Council Road and S MacArthur Boulevard.

The east end of the West River Trail is located at S. Meridian Avenue north of SW 15th Street. This spot is just a short ways north of the west end of the Oklahoma River Trail.

Oklahoma River Trails

The Oklahoma River Trails are a 13-mile long trail system located along the banks of the Oklahoma River on the south side of Oklahoma City. There are trails on both the north and south banks. The west end of the trail system is located at S. Meridian Avenue, just north of SW 15th Street. It this portion, the trail is located on the south bank. This is also the east end of the West River Trail.

The north bank trail starts at S. Portland Avenue. The trails go by the Dell OKC Campus and go under Interstate 44. The Oklahoma River Trails also go past OKC Downtown Airpark, Wheeler Park, Wiley Post Park, Regatta Park, the Chesapeake Boathouse and the Devon Boathouse. East of Regatta Park, the north bank trail goes under Interstate 44 to Bricktown River Walk Park.

The east end of the south bank trail is located just west of Highway 77.

Katy Trail

The Katy Trail is a 7.3-mile long paved pathway located on the east side of Oklahoma City. The north end of the Katy Trail is 0.1 miles south of where NE Grand Boulevard intersects Route 66 and south of where Route 66 crosses the Deep Fork River. The paved trail runs alongside NE Grand Boulevard and then alongside Remington Place. The trail dips to the south just past Northeast Lake at NE Grand Boulevard and goes past Lincoln Park Golf Course.

The Katy Trail travels alongside NE Grand Boulevard for 1.5 miles then heads south alongside the railroad tracks along an abandoned railroad bed. At NE 16th Street, it goes away from the live railroad tracks and heads down a corridor through a residential neighborhood. The Katy Trail goes right past Edwards Elementary School and over NE 10th Street. The route wraps around James E. Stewart Golf Course and then runs alongside NE 4th Street for about 1 mile.

The west end of the Katy Trail is located on NE 4th Street and Lottie Avenue at Washington Park.

South Grand Trail

The South Grand Trail is an 11-mile long paved pathway located on the south side of Oklahoma City. The west end of the trail connects to the Oklahoma River Trails at a point just west of Interstate 44 and 1/4 mile north of SW 15th Street. From this point the trail heads to the south and runs alongside Interstate 44 for 1.5 miles, crossing over the interstate at Woodson Park. The trail wraps around the park and exists at S May Avenue and SW 33rd Street.

The South Grand Trail wanders along the median of SW Grand Boulevard. In this section it goes right past Capitol Hill High School, Draper Park, Oliver Park and Hathaway Park. The South Grand Trail crosses Highway 77 using the bridge for SE Grand Boulevard. It wraps around to the north, still running alongside SE Grand Boulevard. It goes through Tropser Park and heads north.

The west end of South Grand Trail is located just south of E. Reno Avenue on E Grand Boulevard. This point is southwest of the interchange between Interstate 40 and Interstate 35.


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