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Chico, California

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Baroni Park Trail

Bidwell Park Trail

Chico Durham Bike Path

Chico Rail Trail

Chico Rail Trail

Community Park Trail

Hooker Oak Park Trail

Little Chico Creek Bike Path

Paradise Memorial Trailway

Potter Road Trail

Wildwood Park Trail




The City of Chico is located in Butte County in Northern California, about an hour and a half north of Sacramento. The city is situated in the Northern Sacramento Valley that sits between the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Coastal Ranges. Chico is also home to California State University Chico, often referred to as Chico State.

The City of Chico has a number of recreational trails for bike riding, walking, enjoying nature and commuting to work or to school.

Chico Rail Trails

Chico has three separate trails that were constructed along abandoned railroad corridors.

One of these trails is a 2-mile long paved pathway that extends from W. Lindo Avenue and ends at the south end of the Chico State campus. this particular trail parallels Nord Avenue on the west side of town.

The second rail trail is a 3.3-mile long paved path located on the north side of town and extends from the south end of the airport to the intersection of W. 11th Avenue and Esplanade.

The third rail trail is a 3.4-mile long paved path that is located south of town called the Chico Durham Bike Path. The pathway runs alongside Midway. The north end of the trail is locted at the intersection of E 20th Street and Park Avenue. the south end of the Chico Durham Bike Path is located at the intersection of Jones Avenue and Midway.

Little Chico Creek Bike Path

The Little Chico Creek Bike Path is located on the south side of the city. It follows alongside the Little Chico Creek for about 2 miles. The trail extends from E. 10th street, just west of Highway 99 to Bruce Road. The trail intersects with other trails in the area and goes past Community Park and Marsh Junior High School.

Lower Birdwell Park, Hooker Oak Park and Wild Wood Park Trails

Lower Birdwell Park is a long narrow park that stretches across much of the city. There are several paved and unpaved pathways within the park to enjoy the greenspaces along Big Chico Creek, the Chico Creek Nature Center and access the athletic field.

Hooker Oak Park is located on the northeast end of Lower Birdwell Park and has a paved pathway that circles the park.

Wildwood Park is located at the intersection of Manzanita Avenue and Wildwood Avenue. The park has athletic filed and a play ground. A paved walkway travels around the exterior of the turfed area. Another trail takes off to the northwest and extends to intersect neighborhood trails in the residential area north of Eaton Road.

Paradise Memorial Trailway

The Paradise Memorial Trail way is a 5.5-mile long paved pathway located in the valley to the east of Chico. The trail follows an abandoned railroad right-of-way through the historic town of Paradise. The trail is open for bike riding, running and walking.

The Paradise Memorial Trailway spans between the intersection of Skyway and Princeton Way and the intersection of Skyway and Pentz Road. The trail goes through Paradise Community Park along the way.


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