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Crabtree Creek Trail

Crabtree Creek Trail Raleigh North Carolina map area

Crabtree Creek Trail


14.6 miles






Crabtree Valley Mall, schools, parks, Anderson Point Park


House Creek Trail
Mine Creek Trail
Neuse River Trail
Mingo Creek Trail



The Crabtree Creek Trail is a 14.6-mile long paved pathway that crosses through much of the City of Raleigh in Central North Carolina. The route of the trail extends from the Laurel Hills neighborhood on the northwest side of Raleigh to Anderson Point Park along the Neuse River on the east side of the Raleigh area. The trail meanders through the greenspace along the creek and goes past a number of residential neighborhoods, schools, local parks, commercial areas and connects to other regional recreational trails.


The Crabtree Creek Trail is paved and open for bike riding, walking and running. The trail meanders through residential and commercial areas and has a number of street crossings along the route. Parking and restrooms are available at the numerous local parks along the route.

Points of Interest

The Crabtree Creek Trail goes past the following points of interest:

Crabtree Valley Mall
North Hills Park
St. David's School
Root Elementary School
Rothgeb Park
Kiwanis Park and Neighborhood Center
Joyner Elementary Magnet School
Anderson Point Park
Nearby Trails

The Crabtree Creek Trail connects to, or goes close to, several other regional recreational trails

House Creek Trail: the two trails meet at Crabtree Valley Avenue and Blue Ridge Road to the east of the Crabtree Valley Mall.

Mine Creek Trail: the two trails meet at a point just west of North Hills Park and north if Interstate 440.

Neuse River Trail: the two trails meet at Anderson Point Park along the Neuse River along State Highway 64.

Mingo Creek Trail: the Mingo Creek Trail heads to the east from Neuse River Trail to the north of Anderson Point Park.

End Points

The west end of the Crabtree Creek Trail is located at the end of Lindsay Drive in the Laurel Hills neighborhood, just east of Duraleigh Road.

The east end of the trail is located at Anderson Point Park at 20 Anderson Point Dr, south of State Highway 64 and east of S. Rogers Lane.


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