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Raleigh, North Carolina

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Abbots Creek Trail

Capital Hills Drive Multi-Use Path

Clayton River Walk on the Neuse

Crabtree Creek Trail

Davis Drive Mulit-Use Path

Falls of Neuse Road Multi-Use Path

House Creek Trail

Lake Johnson Park Trail

Little Rock Trail

Mine Creek Trail

Mingo Creek Trail

Neuse River Trail

Reedy Creek Trail

Rocky Branch Trail

Simms Branch Trail

Smith Creek Greenway

Walnut Creek Trail




Raleigh is located in Wake County in Central North Carolina and is the state capital. The city is rich in history but is also a vibrant city with much to offer visitors. Other communities in the area include Wake Forest, Neuse, Millbrook and Knightdale.

The Raleigh area has a large network of interconnecting recreational trails that reach to many locations throughout the city. This system of recreational trails is known as the Capital Area Greenway Trail System. The trails connect residential areas, parks, commercial centers, major roadways and acres of natural areas. The trails are great for bike riding, walking and running, but also provide an opportunity to visit the natural areas and do some bird watching or viewing other wildlife.

Neuse River Trail

The Neuse River Trail is a 27.5-mile long paved pathway that extends from Falls Lake in Wake Forest to Clayton on the east side of the Raleigh urban area. The trail wanders through the forests and farmland along the Neuse River, going past multiple local parks and residential neighborhoods. The trail connects with a number of other regional trails along the way as well as allowing connections to the major roadways and trails within the local parks.

The route of the trail is away from roads and traffic and allows for scenic views of the Neuse River, thick woodlands, historical sights and miles of natural beauty. The Neuse River Trail is a portion of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail that stretches from the Great Smoky Mountains to the Outer Banks.

The Neuse River Trail starts at Falls Lake Dam to the west of Falls of Neuse Road in Wake Forest. It wanders through the greenbelt along the river going past numerous residential neighborhoods. The south end is located at the northwest corner of the Riverwood Neighborhood in Clayton.

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Crabtree Creek Trail

The Crabtree Creek Trail is a 14.6-mile long paved pathway that crosses through much of the City of Raleigh. The route of the trail extends from the Laurel Hills neighborhood on the northwest side of Raleigh to Anderson Point Park along the Neuse River on the east side of the Raleigh area. The trail meanders through the greenspace along the creek and goes past a number of residential neighborhoods, schools, local parks, commercial areas and connects to other regional recreational trails.

The west end of the Crabtree Creek Trail is located at the end of Lindsay Drive in the Laurel Hills neighborhood, just east of Duraleigh Road. The east end of the trail is located at Anderson Point Park at 20 Anderson Point Dr, south of State Highway 64 and east of S. Rogers Lane.

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Walnut Creek Trail

The Walnut Creek Trail is a 15.6-mile long paved pathway on the south side of Raleigh. The trail extends from Lake Johnson Park to its intersection with the Neuse River Trial south of Poole Road. The trail goes past the North Carolina State University campus and wanders alongside the creek through residential areas. There are a few gaps in the trail where trail users will need to use local streets to get to the next section.

House Creek Trail

The House Creek Trail is a 4-mile long paved pathway that extends from Crabtree Valley Mall to Centennial Biomedical Campus on the west side of Raleigh. The trail connects to the trails at the North Carolina Museum of Art. The north end of the House Creek Trail meets up with the Crabtree Creek Trail. The south end of the trail comes close to the North Carolina State University campus.

Rocky Branch Trail

The Rocky Branch Trail is a 4-mile long paved pathway that connects to Walnut Creek Trail on the south end then heads northwest through the North Carolina State University campus. The intersection with the Walnut Creek Trail is located at S. Wilmington Street, just north of Interstate 40. The trail follows alongside Western Boulevard in the campus area.

The Rocky Branch Trail connects to the House Creek Trail and to the Walnut Creek Trail.

Reedy Creek Trail

The Reedy Creek Trail is a paved pathway that connects the House Creek Trail with the trails in William B. Umstead State Park. The southeast end of the trail is located near the interchange of Wade Avenue and Interstate 440. The trail goes past the North Carolina Museum of Art then follows alongside Reedy Creek Road as far as Trenton Road.

Mingo Creek Trail

The Mingo Creek Trail is a 3.5-mile long paved trail that connects to the Neuse River Trail on the southeast side of the Raleigh area. The Mingo Creek Trail crosses Knightdale's scenic wetlands and hardwood forests. The trail has boardwalks for crossing the wetlands and is a great place to take children to learn about the local environment.

The west end of the Mingo Creek Trail is located just north of Anderson Point Park. The east end of the Crabtree Creek Trail is also in this area. The east end of the Mingo Creek Trail is located at Mingo Creek Park on Laurens Way in Knightdale.


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