Map of the Sipayik Trail


Sipayik Trail

Sipayik Trail Maine map area

Sipayik Trail


1.9 miles




Perry, Pleasant Point


forests, views of Gleason cove, Pleasant Point Reservation


Downeast Sunrise Trail

The Sipayik Trail is a 1.9-mile long paved pathway that spans between Perry and Point Pleasant on the Pleasant Point Reservation in a very remote area of Eastern Maine. The trail was constructed along an abandoned railroad right-of-way and wanders through forested areas and has beautiful views of Gleason Cove and views over to Deer Island. The trail was constructed as a safe place for people to ride away from the traffic along Route 190.

The Pleasant Point Reservation is 212 acres and home to the Passamoquoddy Tribe.


The Sipayik Trail is paved with an 8-foot wide asphalt surface. The trail is open for non-motorized use and allows cross-country skiing in winter.

End Points

The northwestern end of the Sipayik Trail is located along Route 1, just north of S. Meadow Road.

The southeastern end of the trail is located at the end of Treatment Plant Road.