Map of the Down East Sunrise Trail, ME


Down East Sunrise Trail, Maine

Down East Sunrise Trail Maine map area

Down East Sunrise Trail, Maine


85 miles




Ellsworth, Harrington, Machias, edmunds, Dennysville, Pembroke


forests, wetlands, bridges, wildlife, rural towns

The Down East Sunrise Trail is a 85-mile long corridor that follows a railroad right-of-way situated to the west of the coastline of Maine. In the summer, the trail is open for bike riding and hiking as well as to All Terrain Vehicles. The trail is used by snowmobiles and skiiers in the winter. The trail has a wide graded surface. The trail spans from Ellsworth to Pembroke.


The Down East Sunrise Trail is a wide graded gravel road that is open for bike riding, hiking and ATV use. During "mud season" the trail is off-limits for the all terrain vehicles. The route is very remote and has few road crossings. Wildlife my be encountered, stay back from all wildlife.


The Down East Sunrise Trail goes past the following communities: Ellsworth, Franklin, Cherryfield, Harrington, Columbia Falls, Whitneyville, Machias, East Machias, Township of Edmunds, Dennysville and Pembroke.

End Points

The southwest end of the Down East Sunrise Trail is located on Railroad Siding off of Washington Junction Road to the north of Ellsworth.

The north east end is located on Ayers Junction Road, State Route 214, 3.7 miles northwest of State Highway 1, to the north of Pembroke.


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