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Recreational trails for walking, running and cycling in Danville, Virginia

Danville, Virginia

Danville, Virginia

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Ballou Park Trail

Danville Riverwalk Trail

Richmond & Danville Rail Trail


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Regional Trails

Danville is located along the Dan River in south central Virginia. The city is located just north of the border with North Carolina.

Riverwalk Trail

The Riverwalk Trail is a 8-mile long mostly paved pathway that travels adjacent to the Dan River through the heart of the city. The trail goes past local parks, schools, commercial areas, and residential neighborhoods. The western end of the trail connects to the pathways within Ballou Park and eastern end reaches the airport. A stretch of the trail wanders through Anglers Park and includes a branch that follows alongside Stinson Drive and Slayton Avenue.

The Riverwalk Trail is open for bike riding, walking and running.

There are several bridges associated with the trail system for crossing the Dan River including the bridges at Piedmont Drive and Main Street and a pedestrian bridge to the east of Main Street. There is a gap in the trail near the western end where trail users will need to use Trade Street to get to the next section.

The Danville Riverwalk Trail goes past the following points of interest.

Ballou Park
Carrington Pavilion
George Washington High School
Danville Train Station
Danville Braves Stadium
Dan Daniel Memorial Park
Anglers Park

Richmond & Danville Rail Trail

The Richmond & Danville Rail Trail is a 5.5-mile long unpaved pathway that is located to the northeast of Danville. The trail follows the route of an abandoned railroad right-of-way between Ringgold Church Road and the community of Sutherlin. The surface of the trail has a natural surface suitable for mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, hiking and running.

The Richmond & Danville Rail Trail provides a wonderful place to connect with nature.The trail travels through thickly forested areas away from roadways or development, with only a couple of road crossings.


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