Map of the Armstrong Trail, PA


Armstrong Trail, Pennsylvania

Armstrong Trail Pennsylvania map area

Armstrong Trail, Pennsylvania


36 miles


unpaved - compacted crushed stone


East Brady, Phillipston, Cosmus, Templeton, Kitanning, McGrann, Ford City, Ford Cliff


rail trail, Allegheny River, woodlands, farmland, rural communities


Redbank Valley Trail

Butler-Freeport Community Trail


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The Armstrong Trail is a 36-mile long unpaved pathway that travels through the Allegheny River Valley between the cities of East Brady and Ford City in Western Pennsylvania. The route of the trail follows an abandoned railroad right-of-way and goes through some of the most beautiful areas of Pennsylvania. This region of the state has think hardwood forests and is teaming with wildlife. There are also spectacular views of the Allegheny River, its historic railroad bridges and other historic buildings and sites along the way.

The Armstrong Trail is a section of the Erie to Pittsburgh Trail system that extends from the City of Erie on Lake Erie to Downtown Pittsburgh.  The Armstrong Trail connects to the Redbank Valley Trail that extends to the east as far as Brookville.


The Armstrong Trail is open for non-motorized use such as bike riding and hiking. The trail has a surface of compacted crushed limestone. Portions of the route require that trail users travel alongside roadways to get to the next section of separate trail.

There are a few short gaps in the trail in the communities of Templeton, Kitanning and Ford City.


The Armstrong Trail goes past the following communities: East Brady, Phillipston, Cosmus, Templeton, Kitanning, McGrann, Ford City and Ford Cliff.

End Points

The north end of the Armstrong Trail is a spot about 6.5 miles north of East Brady along the Allegheny River. This 4.6-mile long section of trail is separate from the rest, and can be reached by using Riverview Drive or Hillvale Road. This section of the trail reaches Brady Tunnel. The tunnel was used by the trains to cut off the tight bend of the river that goes past the community of East Brady. The tunnel is closed to the public and is blocked off.

In East Brady, there is a pedestrian path alongside the bridge that crosses the Allegheny River to reach Brady's Bend. Trail users need to use local streets to get through East Brady and connect to the next section of the trail. The Armstrong Trail begins again on the south side ot East Brady at the end of Shady Shores Lane. There is a short gap in the trail in the community of Phillipston.

The south end of the Armstrong Trail is south of Ford City and Rosston where the trail crosses Crooked Creek at the south end of Ross Avenue.


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