Map of the Kennebec River Trail, ME


Kennebec River Rail Trail, Maine

Kennebeck River Trail, Maine

Kennebec River Trail, Maine


6.5 miles




Augusta, Hallowell, Famingdale and Gardiner


State Capitol building, Kennebeck River, natural areas, local parks, rural communities


Auburn & Lewiston


The Kennebec River Trail is a 6.5-mile long paved pathway that spans between Augusta and Gardiner in southern Maine. The trail wanders along the west banks of the Kennebec River traveling past the state capitol building, through a number of local parks, through natural areas and alongside an existing active railroad.

The Kennebec River Rail Trail is a segment of the East Coast Greenway.


The Kennebec River Trail is paved with an asphalt surface. The trail is mostly located away from roadways, though there are a number of road crossings. Much of the the trail is adjacent to active railroad tracks.

Trail users will need to ride alongside Water Street in Hallowell to get from one section of the trail to the other.


The Kennebec River Trail goes past the following communities: Augusta, Hallowell, Famingdale and Gardiner.

Points of Interest

The Kennebec River Trail goes past, or close to, the following points of interest:

Maine State Capitol Building
Capitol Park
Kennebec Valley YMCA
Fort Western
Waterfront Park - Gardiner
End Points

The north end of the Kennebec River Trail is located along Water Street to the north of the bridge for Highway 202 in Augusta. There is parking at this location.

The south end of the trail is located at a point along Maine Avenue to the south of Bridge Street in Gardiner.


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