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Waterloo, Iowa

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Aquatic Center Trail

Big Woods Lake Trail

Cedar Prairie Trail

Cedar Valley Lakes Trail

Cedar Valley Nature Trail

Evansville Nature Trail

Greenhill Trail

Gundy County Bike Trail

Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive Trail

Prairie Lakes Park Trail

Riverview Recreation Area Trail

Seargent Road Trail

South Riverside Trail

UNI Prairie Trail


Cedar Rapids

Regional Trails

Waterloo is located in Black Hawk County in the eastern portion of the State of Iowa. The city is located along the Cedar River and offers many attractions, multiple large parks, the Lost Island Water Park, museums, a casino and other places to enjoy yourself. Cedar Falls, on the northwest side of Waterloo, is home to the University of Northern Iowa. Other communities in the area include: Cedar Falls, Hudson and Evansdale.

Waterloo and the surrounding communities have several lengthy recreational trails systems that travel along the banks of the Cedar River or head out into the surrounding countryside. There are also paved pathways that run alongside several of the major roadways for getting about town. Most of these trail systems intersect with other trails for cyclist to get in a nice long ride. Many of these trails also connect local parks or go by schools.

Cedar Valley Nature Trail

The Cedar Valley Nature Trail is a 51-mile pathway that extends from the City of Evansdale, south of Waterloo, to the City of Hiawatha, north of Cedar Rapids. The trail was established along the abandoned railroad right-of-way of the Waterloo, Cedar Falls and Northern (WCF&N). The route goes through 4 counties and several local farming communities and is managed by both Linn County and Black Hawk County Conservation Boards. Portions of the trail have been paved, but many stretches are unpaved.

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Cedar Valley Lakes Trail Network

The Cedar Vally Lakes Trail Network consists of 120 miles of paved and unpaved pathways that wander alongside the east banks of the Cedar River as it flows through the Waterloo area, passing multiple parks and several lakes along the rivers banks.The trail also connects to many other trails in the area.

The north end of the Cedar Valley Lakes Trail is located in Black Hawk Park along W. Lone Tree Road. The south end is located at Lafayette Road near River Forest Road.

The Cedar Valley Lakes Trail connects several recreation areas, including: Black Hawk Park, Island Park, Tourist Park, Gateway Park, George Wyth State Park, Tibbitts Park, Cedar Bend Park, Exchange Park, Cedar River Park, 

Other attractions and destinations along the way include: Ice House Museum, the Downtown Waterloo riverfront area and Lincoln Elementary School.

Other trails that intersect or are nearby to the Cedar Valley Lakes Trail include: Lone Tree Road Trail, Big Woods Lake Trail, South River Side Trail, Cedar Prairie Trail, Trolley Trail, Green Hill Trail, Sergeant Road Trail, Riverview Recreation Area Trail and the Evandsdale Nature Trail, from which you can connect to the Cedar Valley Nature Trail.

South Riverside Trail

The South Riverside Trail is a paved pathway that follows the south banks of the Cedar River for much of the Cedar Falls and Waterloo area. There are several bridge crossings that allow you to connect with the Cedar Valley Lake Trails on the north side of the river. The trail passes through Washington Park, Pfeiffer Springs Park and the Hartman Reserve Nature Center. You can also connect to the Trolley Trail and the Sergeant Road Trail.

Sergeant Road Trail

The Sergeant Road Trail is an 8-mile long paved pathway that extends from the Cedar River to the town of Hudson, southwest of the Waterloo area.Most of the trail runs alongside Sergeant Road, Highway 63. The trail passes Hope Martin Memorial Park, the Waterloo Dog Park and the athletic fields at Danes Complex

The northeast end of the Sergeant Road Trail is where the trail connects with the South Riverside Trail at a point north of the bridge for W. Mullan Avenue. From this location, the trail takes a jog to go under Highway 218 then kicks back to the side of Sergeant Road. The trail then heads to the southwest alongside the roadway. At 1 mile southwest of where the trail goes under Highway 20, there is a junction with the Cedar Prairie Trail. The trail travels for another 2.5 miles to reach the community of Hudson.

Cedar Prairie Trail

The Cedar Prairie Trail is an 8-mile long paved pathway that wraps around the southwest side of the metro area. The north end of the Cedar Prairie Trail is located at Waterloo Road, just north of the interchange with Highway 58. The Cedar Prairie Trail meets up with the South Riverside Trail at this location.

The north portion of the Cedar Prairie Trail is located on the west side of Highway 58, but it switched to the east side at University Avenue. The trail then heads to the south, following alongside Highway 58 until E. Ridgeway Avenue. At this location, it heads west and takes a few more jogs and heads under State Highway 20 and travels south to where it then intersects with the Sergeant Road Trail.


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