Map of the Chichaqua Valley Trail, IA


Chichaqua Valley Trail, Iowa

Chichaqua Valley Trail Iowa map area

Chichaqua Valley Trail, Iowa


28.6 miles


paved / unpaved


Des Moines, Berwick, Bondurant, Valeria, Mingo, Ira, Baxter


Iowa countryside, rail trail, river crossings, local parks


Gay Lea Wilson Trail Connector


Des Moines


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The Chichaqua Valley Trail is a 28.6-mile long paved and unpaved trail that extends from the northeast side of Des Moines to the community of Baxter in Central Iowa. The name is pronounced as "chee-chak-wah" and is a Native American word for "skunk".

The trail was built along an abandoned railroad bed that dates back to 1885. Its route wanders through the open countryside away from traffic. The trail uses historic railroad bridges, wanders through forested stretches, goes past quaint railroad stations and other railroad relics, crosses picturesque creeks and streams and travels through several farming communities. The sights include a scenic crossing at the South Skunk River.


The Chichaqua Valley Trail has paved and unpaved sections. The trail is for non-motorized uses and is open for walking, bike riding, roller-blading and cross-country skiing in winter months. There are relatively few road crossings and the grades are gentle.


The Chichaqua Valley Trail goes through the farming communities of: Des Moines, Berwick, Bondurant, Valeria, Mingo, Ira and Baxter.

Points of Interest

The Chichaqua Valley Trail goes past the following points of interest:

Mallys Weh-Weh Neh-Kee Park
Lake Petocka
Bondurant Recreational Sports Complex
Woodcock Wildlife Area
Bridge over South Skunk River
Nearby Trails

Gay Lea Wilson Trail: the two trails intersect at NE 54th Avenue, to the east of NE 29th Street on the east side of Des Moines.

End Points

The west end of the Chichaqua Valley Trail is located at NE 29th Street, just south of Interstate 80 on the northeast side of Des Moines

The east end of the Chichaqua Valley Trail is located at W State Street in the community of Baxter.


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