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Heritage Trail, Iowa

Heritage Trail Iowa map area

Heritage Trail, Iowa


28.5 miles




Dyersville, Durango, Sageville, Dubuque


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NW Arterial Hike / Bike Trail

Dubuque Trail



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The Heritage Trail is a 28.5-mile long, mostly unpaved, pathway that extends from Dyersville to Dubuque in Eastern Iowa. The trail was constructed along an abandoned railroad bed and travels through thick woods, across wetlands, through open farmland and prairie land. Much of the route of the Heritage Trail takes you away from roadways and traffic and there are relatively few road crossings. the trail goes through the communities of Durango and Sageville which are north of Dubuque. The trail goes to the north of Farley, Epworth and Peosta.


The surface of the Heritage Trail is that of crushed limestone, with some grassy patches, so it is not appropriate for all types of bikes. There are long stretches of trail that have no services, so come prepared. There is a small fee associated with using the trail.


The Heritage Trail goes nearby the following communities in Eastern Iowa: Dyersville, Farely, Epworth, Durango, Sageville and Dubuque

Nearby Trails

At S. John Deere Road, the Heritage Trail has a junction with the NW Arterial Bike / Hike Trail that heads off to the west side of Dubuque alongside the roadway. From this junction, the Heritage Trail continues to the southeast heading into the center of town.

End Points

The western end of the Heritage Trail is located along Beltline Road on the northeast side of Dyersville. 

The south end of the Heritage Trail is located at E. 22nd Street and Elm Street in the middle of Dubuque.


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