Map of the Sauk Rail Trail, IA


Sauk Rail Trail, Iowa

Sauk Rail Trail Iowa

Sauk Rail Trail, Iowa


28 miles




Lake View, Breda, Carroll


rail trail, framland, rural communities, natural areas along the river, Black Hawk Lake, Swan Lake State Park


Regional Trails

The Sauk Rail Trail is a 28-mile long paved pathway that spans between the rural communities of Lake View and Carroll, then extending to go around Swan Lake State Park in Western Iowa. This area of Iowa is roughly half way between Des Moines and Sioux City. The trail follows the route of an abandoned railroad line traveling through miles of Iowa countryside. Much of the route is located away from roads and traffic.

The north end of the trail takes trail uses to Black hawk Lake, adjacent to the town of Lake View. From this point the trail heads south, crossing through natural areas along the river and wide open farmland. The south end of the trail takes a 3.8-mile long loop around Swan Lake.


The Sauk Rail Trail is paved the entire route with concrete or asphalt. The trail is open for bike riding, running and walking. The route is quite rural with few services. Most of the trail is located away from roads.


The Sauk Rail Trail goes past the following communities: Lake View, Breda, Carroll and Swan Lake State Park

Points of Interest

The Sauk Rail Trail goes past the following points of interest:

Black Hawk Lake
George Washington Memorial Forest
Urbany Park - Carroll
Rolling Hills Park - Carroll
Swan Lake State Park
End Points

The northern end of the continuous portion of the Sauk Rail Trail is located at the intersection of Vine and Harrison in Lake View. There is another separate short section of the trail to the north.

The southern end of the trail is located at Swan Lake State Park to the south of Carroll.


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