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Atlanta Beltline

Atlanta Beltline map area

Atlanta Beltline


Eastside: 4.5 miles
Northside: 1.5 miles
Southwest: 1.2 miles
Westside: 4.3 miles






Tanyard Creek Park, Piedmont Park, Freedom Park, Jimmy Carter Presidential Library, Lionel Hampton Park


Stone Mountain Trail

Lionel Hampton Trail



The Atlanta Beltline is a network of multi-use trails that are currently located in separate locations in the Atlanta urban area. These trails promote exercise and improve communities. The trails are open for bike riding, walking and running. The Atlanta Beltline is part of a regional plan for transportation throughout the city, the trails also connect to other recreational trails within the city and the local parks.

The existing portions of the Atlanta Beltline include: Eastside Trail, Northside Trail, Southwest Connector Trail, West End Trail and Westside Trail.

Future plans for the trail include expanding the current trails to make a 22-mile long loop around the city and adding parking and other facilities along the way.

Eastside Trail

The Atlanta Beltline - Eastside Trail is a 4.5-mile long stretch of paved trail located between Interstate 85 and Irwin Street NE to the northeast of Downtown Atlanta. This section of the trail was constructed along an abandoned railroad corridor.

The north end of the Eastside Trail is located between Ansley Golf Club and Monroe Drive NR. The trail stops just short of Interstate 85.

The Eastside Trail goes past the following points of interest: Ansley Golf Club, Ansley Square Shopping Center, Piedmont Commons, Piedmont Park, Piedmont Park Conservatory, Henry W. Grady High School, Midtown Promenade, Historic Fourth Ward Park, Jimmy Carter Presidential Library, Freedom Park and Stone Mountain Trail.

The south end of the Eastside Trail is located at Irwin Street NE, just east  of Sampson Street SE.

Northside Trail

The Atlanta Beltline - Northside Trail is about 1.5-miles long and is located between Northside Drive NW and Peachtree Road NW and north of Interstate 75. The trail goes past Bitsy Grant Tennis Center and the Bobby Jones Golf Course, then drops to the south to go through Tanyard Creek Park and Ardmore Park.

Southwest Connector Trail

The Atlanta Beltline - Southwest Connector Trail is a 1.2-mile long paved pathway located at the south end of the Lionel Hampton Nature Preserve. The trail goes through dense woodlands. The trail connects to the Lionel Hampton Trail on the northwest end and to Westwood Avenue SW and Rogers Avenue SW at the east end. Another branch of the trail wraps around Beecher Hills Elementary School.

Westside Trail

The Atlanta Beltline - Westside Trail is a 4.3-mile long paved path located along White Street, Langhorn Street and Westview Drive SW to the south of Downtown Atlanta. The Westside Trail goes past Gordon White Park, Rose Circle Park, and Adair Park.

The northwest end of the trail is located at Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard and Westview Drive SW. The southeast end of the Westside Trail is located on University Avenue to the west of Metropolitan Parkway.


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