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Recreational Trails for walking and cycling in Athens, Georgia

Athens, Georgia

Athens, Georgia

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Firefly Trail

Herman C. Michael Park Trail

Oconee River Greenway

Oconee County Park

Memorial Park Trail

Trail Creek Park Trail



Athens is located along the Oconee River in northern Georgia, about 67 miles northeast of Downtown Atlanta. Athens is home to the University of Georgia.

Oconee River Greenway

The Oconee River Greenway is a 3.5-mile long multi-use paved pathway that wanders past parks and natural areas along the river in the heart of Athens. The route spans between Sandy Creek Nature Center and Dudley Park.

The Oconee River Greenway connects to pathways located in Dudley Park and to the Firefly Trail.

Firefly Trail

The Firefly Trail is a planned 39-mile long paved pathway that will span between Athens and the city of Union Point. Currently, a 1.3-mile long section of paved pathway has been constructed within Athens. The constructed portion spans between E. Broad Street and Old Winterville Road, passing through Dudley Park.

The Firefly Trail will be constructed along an abandoned railroad right-of-way and will pass through the beautiful Georgia countryside and go past the communities of Winterville, Arnoldsville, Crawford, Stephens, Maxeys, Woodville and Union Point.

Trail Creek Park Trails

Trail Creek Park is located to the northeast of the downtown area. The park has around 2 miles of paved pathways for walking and bike riding.


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