Map of the Richard Martin Trail, AL


Richard Martin Trail, Alabama

Richard Martin Trail Alabama map area

Richard Martin Trail, Alabama


10.2 miles




Athens, Elkmont


rail-trail, historic railroad structures, Sulphur Creek Trestle battlefield, farmland, woodlands, wildlife



The Richard Martin Trail is an 10.2-mile long unpaved pathway located in Limestone County in Northern Alabama. The trail was placed along an abandoned railroad right-of-way and takes its visitors past open farmland and through the thick woodlands of this area. There are historic railroad structures, a covered bridge and historical significance associated with this route.

Along the way is the historic battlefield of The Battle of Sulphur Creek Trestle. This battle was fought on September 25, 1864 and was the bloodiest Civil War battle in Alabama. This area is located to the south of Elkmont.

The trail is also the location of several events throughout the year.


The Richard Martin Trail has a natural unpaved surface that allows non-motorized use such as bike riding, hiking and horseback riding. The grade is gentle and the route is straight. This is a very rural area with few services.


The Richard Martin Trail starts to the north of Athens and goes through Elkmont.

Points of Interest

The Richard Martin Trail goes past the following points of interest:

Piney Creek Trailhead
Sulphur Creek Trestle Bridge battlefield
Elkmont Train Depot
Restored New Salem Church
End Points

The south end of the Richard Martin Trail is located on Piney Chapel Road to the east of Elkmont Road north of Athens. There is parking, a picnic pavilion and restrooms located at this trailhead.

There is parking for the trail on Railroad Street in Elkmont and the trail goes right past this location. There is an old railroad car ant the old railroad station at this spot.

The north end of the trail is located at Veto Road near the intersection of Pettusville Road on the border between Alabama and Tennessee. There is parking at this trailhead as well as the restored New Salem Church.


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