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Jackson Hole Community Path System

Jackson Hole Community Pathways - Moose to Jenny Lake Pathway

Jackson Hole Community Pathways - North 89 Pathway

Moose-Wilson Pathway - Jackson Hole Community Trail

Rafter J Ranch Pathway - Jackson Hole Community Path System

Russ Garaman Pathway - Jackson Hole Community Path System

Teton Pass Trail - Old Pass Road

Jackson is located in the west-central portion of the State of Wyoming. It is surrounded by some of the most scenic landscape in the U.S. It is directly south of Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park is just 1 hour north. The border with Idaho is 14 miles to the west, though the driving time is more because of the winding Teton Pass Highway. Jackson is nestled into in the Snake River Valley and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is just a few minutes north of the town.

Jackson Hole Community Pathways

Jackson, Wyoming, has a expansive interlaced system of paved pathways running through out the area known as the Jackson Hole Community Pathways. These paved pathways allow the residents to easily get about town, commute to work from outlying areas or ride or walk to school. The trail system is also great for the visitors to the area providing away to see the local sites on foot or by bike. Ambitious visitors can ride all the way from the town of Jackson up to Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park, or ride from the community of Wilson to the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort to see the ski area or ride from Wilson up along the Old Teton Pass Road.

North 89 Pathway and Moose to Jenny Lake Pathway

To ride a bike for the 20 mile ride from the town of Jackson all the way to Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park, you can take the North 89 Pathway then the Moose to Jenny Lake Pathway. Both of these pathways are part of the Jackson Hole Community Pathway system.

The North 89 Pathway starts in the north end of the town of Jackson at Mercill Avenue. Once you leave Jackson, the paved trail then runs north for 12 miles along side US Highway 89 on a separate path. You will be travelling through wide open country with sagebrush and past the wetlands along the river. You may see antelope or a herd of deer or maybe raptors soaring overhead. There are wonderful views of the Grand Teton mountain range to your left and the mountains of the Gross Ventre Wilderness to your right. The pathway out of Jackson is fairly flat for the first 3.5 miles. There is a short climb for about 3/4 of a mile when you go up for about 175 feel in elevation. Past this, the trail levels out again.

When you come to Teton Park Road, the pathway heads to the west. You will drop down to the town of Moose along the Snake River. At this point there is also a short pathway heading up Dornans Road. Staying on the main pathway, you will cross the Snake River and the Grand Teton National Park Headquarters then reach a short climb. After this the trail remains fairly flat. Teton Park Road is closed for several months during the winter. Be sure to check with the Grand Teton National Park website to be sure the road is open before you travel up this way.

At one mile along Teton Park Road you will come to the entrance station for Grand Teton National Park. There is an fee to enter the park on bike, refer to the Grand Teton National Park website for the current rate for bikes. Just past the entrance station, Menors Ferry Road of to the east to the Chapel of the Transfiguration. This picturesque log chapel is known for its view of the Grand Tetons behind the altar and is listed on the U. S. National Register of Historic Places.

The Moose to Jenny Lake Pathway travels along side Teton Park Road on a separate path and there are several parking areas along the way for taking photos or for taking a break. As you ride along the pathway, you will go past the Taggart Lake Trailhead.  The pathway ends at Jenny Lake. There is a visitor center here and many trails to take to walk up and around the lake with views of the peaks in the distance.

Moose-Wilson Pathway

The Moose-Wilson Pathway is a 7.5 mile long paved path that follows alongside Highway 390, also known as Moose-Wilson Road, from Highway 22 to the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort ski area. This pathway is part of the Jackson Hole Community Pathway System. There is also another connecting path that heads west from the parking area at Moose-Wilson Road and Stilson Ranch Road that will take you into the community of Wilson. This is a very pretty stretch of the Snake River Valley.

To ride the Moose-Wilson Pathway from Jackson, you need to drive up to the southern end of the trail or ride along the streets. There is no connecting pathway at this point, but there are plans for one to follow alongside Highway 22.

Teton Pass - Millennium Pathway - Old Pass Road Pathway

If you are up for a challenge, you can ride up the winding road of the Old Teton Pass Road that heads west from Jackson towards Idaho. Starting at the community of Wilson, you ride alongside Highway 22 for just over a mile then take a left along Old Pass Road. This is a roadway that you share with vehicles for another mile. There is a trailhead with parking at the end of the road. From this point a paved pathway follows the route of the old pass. This 3.7-mile route is a steep climb with a 9.5% grade at elevations ranging from 6537 feet to 8410 feet and is not suitable for everyone. 

The trail takes you through forests and pretty meadows with views back towards the Snake River Valley. There is another trailhead on the new Teton Pass at the west end of the pathway.


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