Map of the Medicine Rail Trail, WY


Medicine Bow Rail Trail

Medicine Bow Rail Trail, Wyoming

Medicine Bow Rail Trail, Wyoming


22 miles


unpaved / natural


Wyocolo, Fox Park, Lake Owen


rail trail, miles of forested land, meadows, Lake Owen




The Medicine Bow Rail Trail is a 22-mile long unpaved trail in southern Wyoming than follows the abandoned rail lines bed of the Laramie, Hahns Peak and Pacific Railroad through the wooded foothills. This railroad line was used for hauling timber, coal and cattle. It travels through the Medicine Bow National Forest near Wyoming State Highway 230 and starts about 27 miles southwest of Laramie. A small portion of the trail dips into Colorado.

There are a number of trailheads along the trail near roads, so you can choose to ride just a portion and have someone meet you at one of the trailheads. Zoom in on the map above for the Parking symbols for the trailheads.

The trail rides through forest lands and open meadows. You may encounter a variety of birds, moose, deer, elk and even coyotes and mountain lions. Do not approach any wildlife. There are also historical sites along the trail. Leave all artifact at these sites, this history belongs to everyone.


The Medicine Bow Rail Trail is unpaved for its entire length. Mountain bikes are recommended.

The Medicine Bow Rail Trail is in a remote area, so be prepared if you choose to ride the trail. Tell people at home where you are going and travel with companions. The trail is also at an elevation over 9,000 feet, so high altitude sickness can be a factor. Be sure to have safety gear, sun protection, spare inner tubes, and pumps, adequate water, rain gear and communication devices. In the summer, thunderstorms can pop up very quickly, be sure to take shelter. Never leave your companions alone or allow anyone to ride back by themselves.


The Medicine Bow Rail Trail goes through the small community of Fox Park and goes past Lake Owen, but there are no services or other towns along the entire route. There is a parking area with restroom and camping at Lake Owen.

End Points

The south end of the Medicine Bow Rail Trail is located along Pelton Creek Road at 1 mile northwest of Colorado Highway 127. The turnoff to Pelton Road is about 22 miles north of Walden, Colorado and 1/4 mile south of the Wyoming State Line.

The north end of the Medicine Bow Rail Trail is at Highway 517, 3.7 miles south of Highway 11. To get here from Laramie, head west on Highway 130 for about 22 miles, then turn south on Highway 11 for about 8.5 miles. Turn south on 517 at this point. The trailhead is little more than a dirt parking area with no services.


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