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Recreational trails for walking, running and cycling in Gillette, Wyoming

Gillette, Wyoming

Gillette, Wyoming

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Bicentennial Park Trail

Dalbey Memorial Park Trail

Gillete Recreation Trail

Lasting Legacy Park Trail

McManamen Park Trail

Overlook Park Trail

Gilette is located along Interstate 90 in northeastern Wyoming.  The city has a number of recreational trails for bike riding and walking that are located in local parks or follow major roadways.

McManamen Park Trail - Burlington Lake & Bicentennial Park

At McManamen Park, there is a 1-mile long paved pathway that wraps around Burlington Lake on W. Warlow Drive and McGurley Avenue on the northeast side of the city.

To the west, there is a network of paved pathways that wrap around the athletic fields at Bicentennial Park.

Dalbey Memorial Park Trail

There are over 2-miles of paved pathways at Dalbey Memorial Park, located off of Douglas Highway at Edwards Street. The trails include a 1-mile long loop trail around Gillette Fishing Lake.


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