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Casper, Wyoming

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Casper Rail Trail

Casper Trail

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Long Creek Drainage Path

Platte River Trail

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Three Crowns Golf Course Trail

Yesness Park Trail

Casper is located in east-central Wyoming along the North Platte River. The city of 60,000 is a 2.5 hour drive north of Cheyenne and a 4.5 hour drive to Yellowstone National Park or Grand Teton National Park.

Casper has several recreational trails for riding a bike, going for a stroll, taking a walk along the North Platte River or commuting through town. Many of these local trails thread their way through local neighborhoods, wrap around a park or run alongside a busy roadway.

Platte River Trail

The Platte River Trail is a 10-mile long paved path system that follows along the banks of the North Platte River as it flows through Casper, Wyoming from the southwest to the northeast side of the city. The trail was constructed to create a "central thread" throughout the community that provides healthy recreational activities, riparian habitat conservation. It also provides a great transportation corridor through the urban environment.

On its route, the Platte River Trail travels through or runs adjacent to multiple parks, including Morad Park, Central Wyoming Fairgrounds, White Water Park, Tate Pumphouse Trail Center, Crossroads Park, North Platte Park and the North Casper Sports Complex. It also runs adjacent to several residential neighborhoods providing easy access for the community.

Casper Rail Trail

The Casper Rail Trail is a paved and unpaved trail that runs through the heart of Casper. It was built on the abandoned railway bed of the Chicago and North Western Railroad.

There is 2.9-miles of paved pathway that starts on W. Midwest Avenue and S Oak Street. From this point the paved trail runs diagonally to the northeast between W. Midwest Avenue and E Collins Drive. At N. Kimball Street, the paved trail roughly parallels Highway 20. When the trail comes to Interstate 25, there is an underpass. From this point the trail becomes an improved gravel surface and continues alongside Highway 20 for 3.2 miles, stopping at Highway 256.


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