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D & H Rail Trail

D & H Rail Trail Vermont map area

D & H Rail Trail


19.75 miles




Poultney, Castleton, Rupert, West Pawlet


Green Mountain College, Castleton University

The D & H Rail Trail has two sections in Southeast Vermont. The northerly section is a 9-mile long unpaved rail-trail that spans between the New York border and Castleton.The southerly section is a 10.75-miles long unpaved pathway that goes past Rupert and ends at West Pawlet. The railroad corridor does goes through the State of New York, but is not completely open for the public.

The trail is also known as the Delaware and Hudson Rail Trail. The trail follows the corridor of an abandoned railroad right-of-way and goes past picturesque farmland and forested areas. The attractions of the trail include 17 wooden decked bridges, including the 100-foot span of the Poultney and West Pawlet.

The trail crosses wetlands and there is a good chance of seeing some of the local wildlife such as beaver, herons, muskrats and waterfowl. Deer are often spotted along the trail as well.


The D & H Rail Trail has a surface of the original cinder rail bed ballast, cinder and stone. It is open for bike riding and walking in the summer and snow mobiles and skiing in the winter. The surface of the trail may not be suitable for all types of bicycles. The grades are gentle.


The northern section of the D & H Rail Trail goes through the community of Poultney amd ends in the community of Castleton. This area is to the southeast of Farihaven.

The southern section goes through the small community of Rupert and ends at West Pawlet in the border with New York. This area is to the south of Granville, New York.

Point of Interest

Along with the 17 bridges, the D & H Rail Trail goes past Green Mountain College in Poultney and Castleton Universtiy in Castleton.

End Points

The northerly section of the D & H Rail Trail starts at the Vermont / New York boundary to the south of Poultney. The north end is at the campus of Castleton University in Castleton.

The southerly section starts at the New York / Vermont boundary to the southeast of Rupert and end just north of West Pawlet.


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