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Recreational trails for walking, running and cycling in Rapid City, South Dakota

Rapid City, South Dakota map area

Rapid City, South Dakota

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5th Street / Hains Avenue Trail

Executive Golf Course Trail

Founders Park Trail

George S. Mickelson Trail

Kiwanis Mary Park Trail

Leonard Swanson Memorial Pathway

Old State Highway 40 Trail

Park Drive Trail

Rapid City Neighborhood Trail

Robbinsdale Park Trail

Souix Park Trail

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Rapid City is located in west central South Dakota. The city is situated just east of the Black Hills National Forest and 35 miles from Mount Rushmore.

Rapid City has an extensive system of paved and unpaved recreational trails for walking, running and bike riding within the city itself.The trail system extends from the west edge of the city to the east edge, wanders along Rapid Creek, connects with several parks, business districts, schools and other trails heading to the north and south sides of Rapid City.

Leonard Swanson Memorial Pathway

The Leonard Swanson Memorial Pathway is a 12-mile long network of paved trails that extend from the west to the east side of Rapid City. The trail system wanders along Rapid Creek and connects several local parks and other points of interest.

The southwest end of the trail system is located on Jackson Boulevard near Cleghorn Canyon Road. The Braeburn Addition Dog Off-leash Area and the Cleghorn Spring State Fish Hatchery are located in this area. From here the paved pathway heads to the east and wraps around Canyon Lake and goes through Canyon Lake Park. The route of the trail runs alongside Jackson Boulevard, Highway 44, as it goes past the Meadowbrook Golf Course. It tucks under Jackson Boulevard and heads northeast to Souix Park.

To the east of Souix Park, the Leonard Swanson Memorial Pathway goes past Pete Lien Memorial Field and crosses Sheridan Lake Road at street level. The route then goes to the north and goes under W. Main Street and W. Omaha Street. North of Omaha Street, the trail goes past Founders Park and you can also hook up with the hiking trails at Chuck E. Lien Family Park on Cowboy Hill.

The Leonard Swanson Memorial Pathway continues to the east going past Rushmore Plaza Civic Center, Memorial Park and Roosevelt Park. After passing Roosevelt Park, it turns to the south and goes past South Dakota State University, Central States Fairground and the Polo Fields. The east end of the trail is located at the Star of the West Sports Complex on St, Patrick Street.

George S. Mickelson Trail

At 20 miles to the west of Rapid City, there is the non-motorized unpaved 108-mile long George S. Mickelson Trail that extends from Edgemont to Deadwood and wanders through the Black Hills. this is an historic and beautiful route with pretty bridges, old railroad trestles, grassy meadows, dense forests, tunnels and majestic views of the rugged rock formations along its route. The trail goes through several small towns, so you can choose which section you wish to visit.

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