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Colmbia, South Carolina

South Carolina

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Findlay Park Trail

Maxcy Gregg Park Trail

Three Rivers Greenway

Vista Greenway Trail

The metroplitan area of Columbia is located along the three rivers of the Broad River, the Saluda River and the Congaree River in the middle of the state of South Carolina. Columbia is the state capital and has a rich history and is the home to the University of South Carolina.

Other communities in this area include the City of Caycee and the City of West Columbia.

Three Rivers Greenway

 The Three Rivers Greenway is an expanding system of pathways located along the rivers as they flow through the heart of Columbia. Currently over 8 miles of paved and unpaved pathways exist.

One section heads to the north of Downtown Columbia on a stretch of land between the Columbia Canal and the Broad River.

Another section of the trail is 2.8-miles long, has paved and unpaved sections, and is located on the west side of the Congaree River in West Columbia. This section spans between Jarvis Klapman Boulevard and Brookcliff Drive.


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