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East Bay Bike Path

East Bay Bike Path Rhode Island map area

East Bay Bike Path


14.5 miles




Providence, East Providence, Riverside, Barrington, Warren, Bristol


bay views, parks, coves, lighthouses, bridges, Bristol Harbor



The East Bay Bike Path is a 14.5-mile long paved path that is located along the eastern shore of the Providence River in Rhode Island. The path stretches between India Point Park in Povidence to Independence Park in Bristol. The route includes a number of local parks and beautiful views of the boats out on the bay. 

The bike path goes along the waterfront, past residential neighborhoods, along jetties, crosses coves using old railroad bridges, goes past restaurants and commercial areas and ends up at the north end of Bristol Harbor. Bristol Harbor has lovely views of all the sailboats out on the water and has quaint buildings, shops, restaurants and waterfront parks. The East Bay Bike Path is a great destination for a weekend jaunt or a place to bring out of town visitors.


The East Bay Bike Path is paved for the entire route. There are a number of street crossings along the way. The bike path is open for bike riding, walking and running.


The East Bay Bike Path goes past the following communities: Providence, East Providence, Riverside, Barrington, Warren and Bristol to the southeast of the Providence urban area.

Points of Interest

The East Bay Bike Path goes past the following points of interest:

India Point Park Barrington YMCA
Bold Point Park Jamiels Park
Watchemocket Cove Burr Hill Park
Squantum Woods State Park Audubon Environmental Education Center
Squantum Point Jacobs Point
Sabin Point Park Bristol Town Beach Sports Complex
Brewer Cove Haven Marina Colt State Park
Haines Memorial State Park Bristol Harbor
Barrington Middle School Guiteras Elementary School
Veterans Memorial Park Independence Park
End Points

The north end of the East Bay Bike Path is located at India Point Park south of Interstate 195 on the southeast side of Providence.

The south end of the bike path is located at Independence Park on Thames Street in Bristol.


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