Map of the Blackstone River Bikeway, RI


Blackstone River Bikeway, Rhode Island

Blackstone River Bikeway Rhode Island map area

Blackstone River Bikeway, Rhode Island


19 miles




Woonsocket, Manville, Cumberland


natural area along the Blackstone River, local parks, schools.



The Blackstone River Bikeway is an 11.6 mile long paved pathway that extends from Woonsocket to Cumberland to the north of Providence, Rhode Island. The bikeway travels through the natural areas alongside the Blackstone River going past local parks, residential neighborhoods and commercial districts.


The Blackstone River Bikeway is paved for the entire route. There are a number of street crossings.


The Blackstone River Bikeway goes past the following communities: Woonsocket, Manville and Cumberland to the north of the Providence urban area.

Points of Interest

The Blackstone River Bikeway goes past the following points of interest:

Woonsocket Middle School at Hamlet
Northern Lincoln Elementary School
Blackstone Valley Visitor Center
Shady River Conservation Area
Berkeley Oval
End Points

The north end of the Blackstone River Bikeway is located along Davidson Avenue to the east of Manville Road in Woonsocket. There is a large parking area at this location.

The south end of the bikeway is located at the intersection of Jones Street and Silva Street to the west of Broad Street in Cumberland. There is also a large parking area for the trail to the north of John Street on the west side of the Blackstone River in Cumberland.


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