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Redbank Valley Trail

Redbank Valley Trail Pennsylvania map area

Redbank Valley Trail


41.5 miles




TBrookville, Summerville, Mayport, Hawthorn, Oak Ridge, Fairmount City, New Bethlehem, Climax


rail trail, tunnels, bridges, woodlands, farms, rural communities


Armstrong Trail

Siglo Spur Trail

Five Bridges Trail


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The Redbank Valley Trail is a 41.5-mile long unpaved pathway that extends from Brookville to the Armstrong Trail south of East Brady in Western Pennsylvania. The trail wanders through a beautiful part of Pennsylvania and follows the Redbank Creek through miles of forest and wetlands and through two tunnels. There are many bridges with stone arches for crossing the creeks along the way.


The Redbank Valley Trail is open for non-motorized use such as bike riding and walking. The surface is mostly compacted crushed limestone, with a few sections that still need improving. Most of the trail has a grade of around 1% with a few more challenging sections.


The Redbank Valley Trail goes near of through the following Western Pennsylvania communities: Brookville, Summerville, Mayport, Hawthorn, Oak Ridge, Fairmount City, New Bethlehem and Climax. 

Nearby Trails

Armstrong Trail: the two trails meet where the Redbank Creek meets the Allegheny River at a point between East Brady and Templeton.

Siglo Spur Trail: near Lawsonham Road, the Redbank Valley Trail intersects the Sligo Spur Trail which has not been improved.

Five Bridges Trail: this trail islocated on the other side of Brookville from the northeast end point of the Redbank Valley Trail.

End Points

The northeast end of the Redbank Valley Trail is located at the end of Maple Street on the south side of Brookville.

The southwest end of the Redbank Valley Trail meets up with the Armstrong Trail at the confluence of the Redbank Creek with the Allegheny River. From this point, trail users can travel west another 3.7 miles to get to the community of East Brady.


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