Map of the Allegheny River Trail, Oil Creek State Park Bicycle Trail, Sandy Creek Trail and Clarion Highland Trail, PA


Allegheny Valley Trails, Pennsylvania

Allegheny Valley Trails Pennsylvnia map area

Allegheny Valley Trails, Pennsylvania


9.7 miles + 12 miles + 21 miles + 12 miles




Titusville, Oil City, East Sandy, Emlenton,  Foxburg, Parker


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Regional Trail

The Allegheny Valley Trails include 4 recreational trails located in northwestern Pennsylvania, which include the following trail systems:

  • Oil Creek State Park Bicycle Trail
  • Allegheny River Trail
  • Sandy Creek Trail
  • Clarion Highland Trail

These trails follow along side the Allegheny River, Oil Creek and Sandy Creek. This area is located north of Interstate 80 and east of Interstate 79, roughly 60 miles nrth of Pittsburgh in northwestern Pennsylvania.

Oil Creek State Park Bicycle Trail

Oil Creek State Park is located between Titusville and Rouseville. There is a 9.7-mile long asphalt bicycle trail that was constructed along an abandoned railroad corridor. It goes through thickly forested areas with views of the creek. There are restrooms and picnic areas along the route. The park offers other attractions such as a museum and a historical replica of the first oil well as well as offering tours and other programs.

The north end of the Oil Creek State Park Bicycle Path is located at the end of Bank Street in Titusville. This is the location of Ed Myers Complex, with athletic fields and parking areas. there is also a trailhead located on Drake Well Road to the south of Titusville.

The south end of the Oil Creek State Park Bicycle Path is located along Russell Corners Road to the east of Petroleum Center Road. There is a trailhead with parking and restroom at this location. Take State Park Road north from Rouseville and travel 4 miles to reach the trailhead.

Samuel Justus Trail

The Samuel Justus Trail is a 12-mile long paved pathway that spans between Oil City and the intersection of the Sandy Creek Trail with the Allegheny River Trail to the south. The trail follows the Allegheny River, passing by the bridge over to Franklin.

The north end of the main section of the Samuel Justus Trail is located at the end of Wyllis Street in Oil City where the boat ramp is location. There is also a trailhead with a large parking area south of the bridge over to Franklin on Highway 322.  There is a pedestrian path adjacent to the roadway for crossing the river.

Allegheny River Trail

The Allegheny River Trail is a paved pathway that continues for another 21 miles south of the junction with the Sandy Creek Trail and the Samuel Justus Trail. The Allegheny River Trail goes past Kennerdell and Brandon and reaches to Emlenton. There is also a separate 2.6-mile long stretch of the trail to the south of Interstate 80 between Foxburg and Parker.

There are two railroad tunnels along the route. The Kennerdell Tunnel is 3350-feet long and the Rockland Tunnel is 2868-feet long. The tunnels were constructed to create a shortcut for the railway to avoid two tight bends in the Allegheny River.

The north end of the Allegheny River Trail is located at 21 miles along the trail north of Emlenton and 12 miles along the Samuel Justus Trail south of Oil City, where the trail intersects the Sandy Creek Trail. This point is at the end of Sandy Creek Road. The Sandy Creek Trail heads to the east and to the west and uses an old railroad bridge for crossing the river at this location. From the west, this spot can be reached from Belmar Drive.

The south end of this main section of the Allegheny River Trail is located at the west end of Main Street in Emlenton. There is a trailhead and parking at this location.

Sandy Creek Trail

The Sandy Creek Trail is a 12-mile long paved pathway that follows Sandy Creek and the west bank of the Allegheny River. The Sandy Creek Trail provides access to the Allegheny River Trail and the Samuel Justice Trail from Highway 322 and from the Cranberry Rockland Road. The Sandy Creek Trail has a number of bridges that span Sandy Creek and a large bridge for crossing the Allegheny River.

The east end of the trail is along Highway 322 between the communities of Cranberry and Kossuth. There is a trailhead on Tarklin Hill Road off of Highway 322 which is also near the location where the unpaved Clarion Highland Trail heads off to the east.

The west end of the Sandy Creek Trail is along Fishermans Cove Road, 1.5 miles to the east of Pittsburgh Road, State Route 8.

Clarion Highland Trail

The Clarion Highland Trail is a 10-mile long unpaved pathway located to the north of State Highway 322. The trail connects to the Sandy Creek Trail along Highway 322 in the community of Cranberry and stops at Kline Road to the north of the community of Kossuth.


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