Map of bike paths / walking paths in the Bismarck area

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Recreational trails for walking, running and cycling in Bismarck & Mandan, North Dakota

Bismark is the capital of North Dakota and the second largest city in the state. The Cities of Bismark and Mandan straddle the Missouri River and are located 190 miles west of Fargo along Intestate 94.

There are many paved and unpaved recreational trails in these two cities for bike rides, walks along the river, getting to school or commuting to work. These trails will take you through the many local parks, down a historic route, for a stroll along the river or alongside major roadways.

Lewis and Clark Trail

Old Red Trail Bike Path

Riverfront Trail

Sertoma Park Loop

Cottonwood Park Trails

University Drive Trail

Fort Lincoln Trail

Hay Creek Loop

Pebble Creek Loop

North Dakota State Capitol Grounds


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Individual Maps for Recreational Trails in North Dakota

Below is a list of links to the individual maps for specific recreational trails in the State of North Dakota.