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Recreational trails for walking, running and cycling in Lake George, Glen Falls, Hudson Falls and Fort Edward, New York

Warren County, New York map area

Warren County, New York

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Feeder Canal Park Heritage Trail

Lake George Trail

South Glens Falls Trail

Warren County Bikeway


Regional Trails


Warren County is located in Northeastern New York. The county is situated just below the Catskill Mountains and Lake George and around 40 miles north of Albany. The county has a number of recreational trails that connect the towns of Lake George, Queensbury, Glen Falls and Fort Edward.

Lake George Trail

The Lake George Trail is a 1.2-mile long paved walkway along the shore of the south end of Lake George. The trail starts at Shepard Park, goes past the shops, museums and restaurants of the town of Lake George, goes past the Lake George Battle Field Park and Lake George Million Dollar Beach and sots at E. Shore Drive.

Warren County Bikeway

The Warren County Bikeway is a 9.4-mile long system of multi-use paved pathways that spans between the community of Lake George and Glen Falls. The trails start at the south end of Lake George near Lake George Battlefield Park on W. Brook Road. At this location, trail users can choose to ride along the Lake George Trail.

The Warren County Bikeway then heads south through Lake George State Beach Park and heads south to stop near Glen Lake in Queensbury. At this point there is a short gap in the trail where trail users will need to travel along local roadways around the links at Glen Falls Country Club  to reach the next section.

The next section starts along Country Club Road to the south of Wincrest Drive in Queensbury. The section travels through thickly forested areas adjacent to residential neighborhoods and has few road crossings until it reaches the neighborhoods of Glens Falls.

Feeder Canal Park Heritage Trail

The Feeder Canal Park Heritage Trail is a 5.7 mile long unpaved pathway located along the canal adjacent to the Hudson River in Glens Falls. There are two separate sections of the trail which follows the route of the historic tow path.

The westerly section is 1.6-miles long and starts at Feeder Canal Park, goes past Haviland Cove Park and ends at a large parking area just east of Glen Street south of Downtown Glens Falls.

The easterly section of the Feeder Canal Park Heritage Trail starts at Shermantown Road south of Warren Street. This section follows alongside the canal and away from roads and traffic. The eastern end of this section of the trail is located 0.6 miles southeast of Burgoyne Road at the intersection with the Old Champain Canal Towpath.

Old Champain Canal Towpath

The Old Champain Canal Towpath is a 1.8-mile long unpaved pathway that is located to the southeast of Glens Falls. The trail spans between Route 196 and Towpath Lane. The trail intersects the Feeder Canal Heritage Park Trail to the west of Burgoyne Avenue.


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