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Rochester, New York

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Auburn Trail

Bird Sanctuary Trail

Center Park West Trails

Chiyoda Trail

Erie Canalway

Fellows Road Park

Genesee Riverway Trail

Genesee Valley Greenway

Hojack Trail

Irondequoit Bay Marine Park Trail

Irondequoit Trail

Lake Ontario State Parkway Multi-Use Trail

Lehigh Valley Trail

Lehigh Valley Trail - Brighton

Lock 62 Trail

New York Central West Shore Branch Multi-Use Trail

North Ponds Park Trail

Perinton Trolley Trail

Route 104 Trail

Route 390 Trail

Seneca Park Trail



Regional Trails

The Rochester area is located in Northwest New York State and is situated on the Genesee River and the south shores of Lake Ontario. Other communities in the area include: Irondequoit, Penfield, Fairport, Webster and Brighton.

The Rochester area is located along the Erie Canalway and has numerous other lengthy recreational trails that connect residential areas, parks, schools, natural spaces and commercial areas.

Genesee Riverway Trail

The Genesee Riverway Trail is a system of paved trails that follow alongside the Genesee River through the heart of the Rochester area. The trail extends from a pier that juts out into Lake Ontario to the Erie Canalway Trail. The route includes the scenic gorge along the river, three waterfalls, a number of pedestrian bridges, pathways along bridges for the local roads and numerous parks.

The Genesee Riverway Trail is open for bike riding, running and walking. There are a few gaps in the trail where trail users must use roads or sidewalks to get to the next section.

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Erie Canalway

The Erie Canalway is a system of paved and unpaved pathways that stretches across upstate New York for over 524 miles. This system of individual and often separate trails stretches from Buffalo to Albany. The trail goes through miles of the beautiful New York countryside and past a number of larger cities and numerous smaller communities.

The Erie Canalway goes right through Rochester and played a large part in its development and history. The trail passes the following attractions within the Rochester area: Rose Turner Park, Henpeck Park, Rochester International Airport, the Genesee River, Genesee Valley Park, the campus of the University of Rochester, Brighton Town Park, Meridian Centre Park, Lock 32 Canal Park, King's Bend Park, Great Embankment Park and Perinton Park.

The Erie Canalway intersects several other recreational trails along its route. In Rochester the canalway allows a connection to the Genesee Valley Greenway, the Genesee Riverway Trail, the Lehigh Valley Trail, Lock 62 Trail, the Auburn Trail and the Perinton Trolley Trail.

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Genesee Valley Greenway

The Genesee Valley Greenway is an unpaved public pathway that is located in Genesee Valley Greenway State Park. The state park is a 90-mile long open space corridor along the route of the Genesee Valley Canal and an abandoned railroad right-of-way. The corridor spans from Genesee Valley Park and the Erie Canal Trail on the south side of Rochester to the Village of Cuba in Allegany County.

The greenway passes through thick forests, past wetland, adjacent to farmland and past several small communities.

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Lehigh Valley Trail

The Lehigh Valley Trail is a 16-mile long unpaved pathway that spans between W. River Road in Scottsville and Pittsford Victor Road in Victor on the south side of the Rochester area. The trail follows an abandoned railroad right-of-way and has a fairly straight route. There is also an extension off of the trail that heads to the north from Rush to Henrietta. The eastern end of the Lehigh Valley Trail intersects the Auburn Trail in Victor.

Auburn Trail

The Auburn Trail is a 2-mile long unpaved pathway that spans between Woolston Road in Pittsford to Break of Day Road in Victor. The trail follows an abandoned railroad right-of-way and travels through wooded areas and residential neighborhoods. In Victor, the Auburn Trail intersects the Lehigh Valley Trail.

Perinton Trolley Trail

The Perinton Trolley Trail is a 4.4-mile long unpaved pathway that follows the historic route of the trolley tracks from the Erie Canal Trail to the west of Turk Hill Road to Panell Road in Fairport. The trail travels through residential neighborhoods and is located away from roadways.

Hojack Trail

The Hojack Trail is a 5-mile long unpaved pathway that is located to the south of Lake Ontario and east of Irondequoit Bay. The trail follows an abandoned railroad corridor and travels through wooded areas adjacent to residential neighborhoods. The northwest end of the trail is located along Lake Road and the southeast end is located in Webster along Phillps Road just north of the Irondequiot - Wayne County Expressway, Route 104. At North Ponds Park and at its south end, the Hojack Trail allows a connection to the Route 104 Trail.

Route 104 Trail

The Route 104 Trail is a 6.3-mile long multi-use paved pathway that parallels the Irondequiot-Wayne County Expressway, Route 101, in Webster from Bay Road to Salt Road.

Route 390 Trail & Lake Ontario State Parkway Multi-Use Trail

The Route 390 Trail is a 5-mile long multi-use paved pathway that follows along side Route 390 in Rochester from the Lake Ontario State Parkway to W. Ridge Road.

At its north end, the Route 390 Trail allows a connection to the 2.5-mile long Lake Ontario State Parkway Multi-Use Trail that heads to the east and spans between Route 390 to Latta Road. The eastern end of the Lake Ontario State Parkway Multi-Use Trail is located just a few blocks west of the Genesee River Trail.

El Camino Trail

The El Camino Trail is a 1.9-mile long paved pathway that connects to the Seneca Park Trail at Long Acre Road, just east of the Genesee River. The El Camino Trail heads to the south as far as Clifford Avenue. The trail cuts through historic neighborhoods located to the east of the river and has an overpass for crossing the Keeler Street Expressway. The south end of the El Camino Trail is located at Scrantom Street near Conkey Avenue.


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