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Ontario Pathways

Ontario Pathways New York map area

Ontario Pathways


23.3 miles


unpaved - cinder, stone & grass


Canandaigua, Aloquin, Stanley, Clifton Springs, Phelps


rail trail, Upstate New York countryside, farmland, woodlands, Flint Creek, rural communities



Regional Trails

The Ontario Pathways are a set of 23.3 mile long unpaved pathways located to the southeast of Rochester in Upstate New York. The trails were constructed along an abandoned rail road right-of-way and go through the farmlands and woodlands of beautiful Upstate New York.


The Ontario Pathways are not paved and has a surface of packed cinders, packed crushed stone or grass. The trails are open for bike riding, running and walking, but may not be suitable for all varieties of bicycles.

There are a couple of short gaps in the route where trail users will need to use local roads to reach the next section of the trail.


The Ontario Pathways go past the following communities: Canandaigua, Aloquin, Stanley, Clifton Springs and Phelps.

End Points

The Ontario Pathways form a "V" shape and have three endpoints.

The southwestern end is located in the town of Canandaigua at Ontario County Park at S. Main Street and Ontario Street. This location is at the north end of the downtown area.

The southeastern end is located at the intersection of Mott Road and Leheigh Street in the community of Stanley.

The northeastern end is located along NY-96 to the west of Junction road in Phelps.


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