Map of the Paulinskill Valley Trail


Paulinskill Valley Trail

Paulinskill Valley Trail New Jersey map area

Paulinskill Valley Trail


27 miles




Warrington, Columbia, Blairstown, Newton, Lafayette Township, Fredon Township


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Sussex Branch Trail


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The Paulinskill Valley Trail is a 27-mile long unpaved pathway located in Sussex and Warren County of Northern New Jersey. The route of the trail follows an old railroad corridor alongside the Paulinskill River and goes through very rural areas of the state. This route spans from Warrington to Lafayette. The trail travels through thickly forested area, across creeks, past farmland and rural communities.


The Paulinskill Valley Trail has a surface or ballast, cinder or natural grass and dirt. It has been improved in some sections, but not all. The trail is open for bike riding and hiking.

There are a few short gaps in the trail where trail users will need to use local roads to reach the next section.


The Paulinskill Valley Trail goes past the following communities: Coumbia, Warrington, Blairstown, Newton and Fredon Township.

Connecting Trails

Sussex Branch Trail: the two trails intersect at a point to the east of Warbasse Junction Road in Lafayette Township.

End Points

The southwest end of the Paulinskill Valley Trail is located along Brugler Road off of Warrington Road in Columbia.

The northeast end of the trail is located near the intersection of Sunset Inn Road and Limcrest Randazzo Road in Lafayette Township.