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Manchester, New Hampshire

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Derry Field Park Trail

Derry Rail Trail

Dorrs Pond Nature Trail

Goffstown Rail Trail

Heritage Trail

Piscataquog Trail

Rockingham Recreational Trail - Portsmouth Branch

Rockingham Recreational Trail

Salem Rail Trail

Smiths Ferry Heritage Trail

South Manchester Recreational Trail




Manchester is located in Southern New Hampshire, 47 miles north of Boston, Massachusetts. The city is situated along the Merrimack River. Manchester is home to Southern New Hampshire University, Saint Anselm College and the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport. Other communities in the area include Goffstown, Auburn, Suncook and Derry.

There are several recreational trails in the Manchester area for bike riding, walking and running. There are lengthy trails that extend out into the New Hampshire countryside and also trails in the local parks.

Rockingham Trail

The Rockingham Recreational Trail has two portions. There is a 3 mile long unpaved pathway within the City of Manchester and the 25 mile long unpaved Portsmouth Branch that reaches to a point north of Newfields. The trail crosses the beautiful New Hampshire countryside going past residential neighborhoods, rural communities and through miles of hardwood forest and wetlands. The Rockingham Recreational Trail is New Hampshire's longest rail-trail as it is constructed along an historic railroad corridor. There are many historical remnants or the old railroad along the route as well as cuts through the bedrock for the railroad.

The west end of the Rockingham Recreational Trail is located at Mammoth Road and Nelson Street in Manchester. This location is just east of Manchester Community Health Center.

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Heritage Trail

The Heritage Trail is a 1-mile long paved pathway along the Merrimack River to the south of the downtown area. The trail spans between stadium for the New Hampshire Fisher Cats on South Commercial Street to Sundial Avenue to the south of Mt. Washington College.

The Heritage Trail intersects the Piscataquog Trail at Merrimack River Park.

Piscataquog Trail

The Piscataquog Trail is a 2-mile long paved pathway located south of the downtown area. The trail intersects the Heritage Trail at Merrimack River Park and crosses the river using a pedestrian bridge. The trail then heads to the northwest for two miles then connects to the Goffstown Rail Trail at the end of Agnes Street.

The Piscataquog Trail goes past Thibeault Field, Piscataquog River Park and the West Side Ice Arena.

Goffstown Rail Trail

The Goffstown Rail Trail is a 5.5-mile long unpaved pathway that spans between the community of Goffstown to the border of Manchester in Southern New Hampshire. The trail follows an old railroad corridor and has gentle grades. the trail goes past residential neighborhoods, parks, forested areas and along the Piscataquoc River.

The trail meets the Piscataquog Trail at the end of Agnes Street in Manchester then continues to the west as far as the middle of Goffstown.

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Londonderry Rail Trail

The Londonderry Rail Trail is a 3.3-mile long paved pathway that stretched between the communities of Londonderry and Derry. This area is located to the southeast of Manchester. The path follows the route of an abandoned railroad right-of-way and travels through bits of woodland away from traffic. The trail goes under Interstate 93, but has road crossings at Auburn Road and Liberty Drive.

The northwest end of the Londonderry Rail Trail is located along Sanborn Road, just east of Rockingham Road in Londonderry. The southeast end of the trail is located at the intersection of Rockingham Road and Seasons Lane in Londonderry. This point is just west of the Derry Meadows Plaza shopping center.

Derry Rail Trail, Windham Rail Trail & Salem Bike Ped Corridor

The Derry Rail Trail, Windham Rail Trail and the northern portion of the Salem Bike Ped Corridor combine to form a 7.5-mile long paved trail system between Derry and Salem. This area is located to the east of Interstate 93 and southeast of Manchester. The trails follow the route of an abandoned railroad right-of-way and wander through the community of Derry, suburban residential areas and through woodlands and wetlands away from busy roads and traffic, then alongside N. Broadway in Salem.

The Rockingham Recreational Trail - Fremont Branch intersects the Windham Rail Trail at at point near Depot Road and N. Lowell Road in Windham. The Salem Rail trail is located 1-mile south of the south end of the Windham Rail Trail.

The Derry Rail Trail is 3.2-miles long. The north end of the trail is located in the center of Derry at Rollins Street and Courthouse Lane. The southern end of the Derry Rail Trail is located along Windham Road to the north of Depot Road in Windham. The Windham Rail Trail, at 4.2-miles long, then heads as far south as the intersection of N.Broadway and Range Road on the north side of Salem. From this point, a 1.1-mile long paved pathway follows alongside N. Broadway to Old Rockingham Road. South of there, the trail has been improved in a few short paved segments. The paved Methuen Rail Trail in Massachusetts continues this rail corridor south of the border for 2.4 miles.


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