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Goffstown Rail Trail

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Goffstown Rail Trail,


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Piscataquog Trail

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The Goffstown Rail Trail is a 5.5-mile long unpaved pathway that spans between the community of Goffstown to the border of Manchester in Southern New Hampshire. The trail follows an old railroad corridor and has gentle grades. the trail goes past residential neighborhoods, parks, forested areas and along the Piscataquoc River.


The Goffstown Rail Trail is unpaved, but smooth and graded. It is open for non-motorized use such as bike riding, walking and running. The trail is still under development in some areas.

Points of Interest

The Goffstown Rail Trail goes past the following points of interest:

Glen Lake
Barnard Park
Villa Augustina Field
UNH Extension Campus
Piscataquog River
Piscataquog River Park
Nearby Trails

At the bouindary of Manchester, the Goffstown Rail Trail connects to the Piscataquog Trail which travels for another 2 miles to cross the Merrimack River. At this location, the Piscataquog Trail intersects the mile long Heritage Trail along the river.

End Points

The west end of the Goffstown Rail Trail is located at Main Street and the Piscatoquog River in the middle of Goffstown. There is a short stretch along Union Street where there is a gap in the trail.

The east end is located at the end of Agnes Street in Manchestert. This is the location where it meets the Piscataquog Trail.


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