Map of the Ashuelot Rail Trail


Ashuelot Rail Trail

Ashuelot Rail Trail New Hampshire map area

Ashuelot Rail Trail


21 miles




Keene,Swanzey, Winchester, Ashuelot, Hinsdale


Keene State College, Owl Athletic Complex, Ashuelot river, forest, wetlands, covered bridges


Cheshire Rail Trail



The Ashuelot Rail Trail is a 21-mile long mostly unpaved pathway that extends from the City of Keene to a point south of Hinsdale in Southern New Hampshire. The trail follows the route of an abandoned railroad right-of-way and travels alongside the Ashuelot River through the beautiful New Hampshire countryside. The route includes local parks, thick hardwood forests, wetlands, rural communities and a covered bridge in the rural community of Ashuelot.

In Keene, the Ashuelot Rail Trail allows for connections to other local recreational trails and to the Cheshire Rail Trail that heads off to the north.


The Ashuelot Rail Trail is mostly unpaved and conditions vary. A half mile of the trail is paved within Keene. The trail is open for hiking and bikeriding in the summer and skiining and snowmobiling in the winter. The route is quite remote and there are few road crossings and few services.


The Ashuelot Rail Trail goes through Keene, Swanzey, Winchester, Ashuelot and Hinsdale in Southern New Hampshire.

Points of Interest

The Ashuelot Rail Trail goes past the following points of interest:

Hickey-Desilites Park
Keene State College
Owl Athletic Complex
Ashuelot Covered Bridge
End Points

The northern end of the Ashuelot Rail Trail is located at School Street and Emerald Street in Keene.

The southern end of the trail is located along State Route 63 south of Hinsdale.


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