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Recreational trails for walking and cycling in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada

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Las Vegas & Henderson, Nevada

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Adventura Park Trail

Anthem East Trail

Anthem Neighborhood Trail

Arden Peak Trail

Boulder Highway Trail

Clark County Wetlands Park Loop Trail

Cottonwood Canyon Trail

Craig Ranch Trails

Desert Breeze Park Trail

Duck Creek Trail

Flamingo Arroyo Trail

Floyd Lamb Park Trail

Heritage Park Trail

Historic Railroad Trail

I-215 Greenway Trail

I-215 West Beltway Trail

Las Vegas Wash Trail

Lower Las Vegas Wash Trail

Mountains Edge Regional Park Trail

Nevada Power Trail

Pittman Wash Trail

River Mountains Loop Trail

Spring Valley Community Park Trail

Sunset Park Trail

St. Rose Parkway Trail

Union Pacific Railroad Trail

U. S. 95 Trail

Veterans Memorial Park Path

Whitney Mesa Park Trails

Las Vegas is located in Clark County at the very southern tip of the State of Nevada. Henderson is situated to the south of Las Vegas. There are many recreational trails throughout the city and surrounding area for walking, bike riding and running. These trails are used for weekend exercise, commuting and getting to school. These trails allow you to view the nearby beautiful desert landscape and rugged hillsides that surround the Las Vegas Valley without having to travel far from the urban areas.

The Las Vegas and Henderson area has many large regional and local parks with extensive walking paths, athletic fields and imaginative playgrounds and landscaping. Many of the major thoroughfares have a separate paved trail the runs alongside the street.

River Mountains Loop Trail

The River Mountains Loop Trail is a 34-mile long paved trail that wanders through the Mojave Desert to the southeast of the City of Las Vegas. It loops around the River Mountains and connects Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Hoover Dam, Henderson, Boulder City and the Las Vegas Valley.

From the trail you will see beautiful views of the Lake Mead and experience the wide open desert environment. There are many attractions and destinations along the trail such as Heritage Park in Henderson, Boulder Beach and Lake Mead Marina.The River Mountains Loop Trail intersects with other trail systems such as the trail along Lake Mead Parkway, the connector trail to the Clark County Wetlands Park Loop Trail, the Historic Railroad Trail that leads down to Hoover Dam and the Equestrian Park Trails in Henderson.

There are many long stretches with no amenities along the River Mountains Loop Trail, so be prepared, avoid hot weather and bring plenty of water.

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Las Vegas Wash Regional Trail System

The Las Vegas Wash Regional Trail System consists of approximately 15 miles of paved trail located in the cities of North Las Vegas. The trails follows the riverbed of the Las Vegas Wash as it wanders through the urban area. There is the Lower Las Vegas Wash Trail, the Upper Las Vegas Wash Trail and the Las Vegas Wash Trail. These are wide non-motorized multi-use trails for cycling, walking and running. The corridor along the trail includes landscaping, lighting, trash receptacles and shaded rest spots.

The route of the Las Vegas Wash Regional Trail System connects several local parks, schools and other destinations, inclucing the Craig Ranch Regional Park.

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Clark County Wetlands Park Loop

The Clark County Wetlands are located southeast of the City of Las Vegas and north of Henderson. This park provides a natural habitat for over 300 species of plants and animals. There are multiple paved and unpaved trails in the park for getting some exercise and viewing the wildlife and natural habitat. Many of the trails do not allow dogs, so check their website before heading there with Fido.

The Clark County Wetlands Park Loop trail also connects with other major trail systems, such as the Flamigo Arroyo Trail that heads to the north and the Connector Trail that connects to the River Mountains Loop Trail on the south side of the park.

Flamingo Arroyo Trail

The Flamingo Arroyo Trail is a paved trail that runs alongside the Las Vegas Wash and S. Hollywood Boulevard on the southeast side of the city. The trail is currently in two separate sections with a gap at the Desert Rose Golf Course.

The western end of the Flamingo Arroyo Trail is located at E. Twain Avenue, 1/4 mile west of McLeod Drive. The paved trail head off to the north follow the channel for the Flamingo Wash for about 4 miles. There is an underpass at Pecos-McLeod Interconnect and an overpass for crossing E. Desert Inn Road. Just north of E. Desert Inn Road, you will need to use the bridge to cross the channel to continue on the rest of the trail. There is another overpass for crossing the Boulder Highway.

On the west side of the Las Vegas Expressway, there is a junction with the Sand Hill Road Trail. The Flamingo Arroyo Trail then heads directly east along the drainage channel as far as S. Nellis Boulevard. There is an overpass for crossing the roadway and a ramp down to the street. This is the gap in the trail for the golf course and where you must ride on surface streets to get to the next strech of trail.

The eastern stretch of the Flamingo Arroyo Trail starts at the south end of S. Sloan Lane. The trail follows the Las Vegas Wash channel at this point and wraps to the south. In 2 miles, the trail leaves the channel and follows S. Hollywood Boulevard. The trail travels for another 1.2 miles to the Sunrise Trailhead. At this point you can connect with trails in the Clark County Wetlands Park.

Pittman Wash Trail

The Pittman Wash Trail is a 4.8-mile long paved trail located in the north part of Henderson. It extends from E. Pebble Road to the Arroyo Grande Sports Complex on N. Arroyo Grande Boulevard. The trail follows the waterway for the Pittman Wash as is zig-zags through the residential neighborhoods. There is an underpass for crossing Pecos Road then the trail passes Pecos Legacy Park. there is an underpass for crossing N. Green Valley Parkway. The Pittman Wash Trail goes past Silver Springs Outdoor Pool and near Silver Springs Park. The park is right next to James I. Gibson Elementary School.

The Pittman Wash Trail then crosses N. Valle Verde Drive and later has an underpass for the railroad crossing.

At N. Arroyo Grande Boulevard there is a street level crossing to get to the Arroyo Grande Sports Complex. The 56-acre Arroyo Grande Sports Complex has numerous walking trails, athletic fields, picnic shelters, a dog park, playgrounds, restrooms and lots of parking. There is also a connector trail that heads south to Corner Stone Park.


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