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Carson City, Nevada

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Empire Ranch Trail

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Carson City is located in western Nevada at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range, 8 miles east of Lake Tahoe and a half hour drive south from Reno. Carson City is the capital of Nevada and is the 4th highest state capital at 4802 feet of elevation.

This region of Nevada is quite scenic with forests, Lake Tahoe and the high peaks. It is also rich in history. This area was on the route to California, many pioneers crossed this way on their way west. In the mid-1800s the California Gold Rush brought a population boom to the Sierras. Silver was found in the hills to the west of Carson City, known as the Comstock Lode. Now this area is a tourist destination. There is hiking, boating, camping, rafting, music festivals and exploring.

Carson City has several recreational trails for bike riding, walking and running. These trails provide a safer way to get some exercise away from traffic, commute to work or school and experience the local natural habitat. There are also many hiking trials that lead right from town and take off into the surrounding hills. Many of the trails connect to each other if you want to take a longer ride.

Empire Ranch Trail

The Empire Ranch Trail is an 1.8-mile unpaved pathway that wraps around the south and west side of the Empire Ranch Golf Course on the northeast side of town. Its route also takes you along the Carson River. There are beautiful views of the foothills from the trail as you wander through the grasslands.

The west end of the Empire Ranch Trail is located at the south end of Empire Ranch Road. The trail then heads around the south end of the golf course along a little creek. In this area there is a small bridge and a foot path leading over to the River Park Trail. The Empire Ranch Trail then heads north alongside the Carson River. The northeast end of the trail is located along Morgan Mill Road. There is a trailhead with parking to the northeast of the golf course.

River Park Trails

River Park is located along the Carson River on the west side of Carson City. There is a wide unpaved trail that loops around the perimeter of the park and a couple other connecting trails within. An unpaved trail extends to the north where you can connect with the Empire Ranch Trail. On the southwest side of the park there is another unpaved trail called the Mexican Ditch Connecto Trail that allows you to connect with the trail that runs alongside the Mexican Ditch and heads north to south.

Mexican Ditch Trail

This is a 2-mile long unpaved trail that runs alongside the Mexican Ditch through much of Carson City. The trail is open for bike riding, running and walking as well as for horseback riding. The Mexican Ditch Trail connects to the Moffat Open Space Trail on the north end and to the Riverside Park Trails at a point along the trail.

The north end of the Mexican Ditch Trail is located at Hells Bells Road near Park Hill Drive. This is also the point where it connects to the Moffat Open Space Trails. The Mexican Ditch Trail heads to the south alongside the ditch as it wanders through residential neighborhoods. south of Marsh Street, there is a separate trail that heads to the east and connects to the trails in Riverview Park. The main trail heads to the south and goes by agricultural land.

The south end of the Mexican Ditch Trail is located along Carson River Road at a point 0.6 miles west of the bridge over the river.

Moffat Open Space Trail

The Moffat Open Space Property is 20-acres of open space with paved and dirt trails, pretty views and a shade structure. It is located north of Hells Bells Road, east of Fairview Drive and south of Lepire Drive. the trails connect to the Mexican Ditch Trail and the bike trail along Fairview Avenue which then connects to the bike trail along E. 5th Street, the Carson City Freeway and the Linear Park Trail.

Linear Park Trail

The Linear Park Trail is a 3-mile long paved trail for walking and bike riding. The west end of the trail is at Governors Field on S. Roop Street. There is parking, restrooms, athletic fields and a playground at Governors Field. The trail then goes past Fremont Elementary School and heads north to follow alongside Interstate 580, then tucks under the freeway to follow E. 5th Street and Fairview Drive. the trail meets up with the Mexican Ditch Trail and the trails in the Moffat Open Space.


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