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Steamboat Trace Trail

Steamboat Trace Trail Nebraska map location

Steamboat Trace Trail


21 miles




Nebraska City, Peru, Brownville


rail trail, natural areas near the Missouri River, farmland, rural communities




The Steamboat Trace Trail is a 21-mile long mostly unpaved trail located in Eastern Nebraska. The trail follows the route of an abandoned railroad bed that parallels the Missouri River. The route of the trail takes you through open farmland and stretches of the dense forest land that exists along the Missouri River corridor. You will cross historic bridges, go past bluffs with interesting carvings, see views of the Missouri River, pass through the community of Peru and have a great chance to do some bird-watching and catch a glimpse of deer or other local wildlife.


The Steamboat Trace Trail is open for hiking and bike riding for much or the year. It is closed during deer hunting season. The improved sections of the trail have a surface of crushed limestone screenings. The grades are gentle, there are few road crossings and the route if fairly straight. Horses, pack animals and snowmobiling are not permitted on the trail. Refer to the official Nemaha Natural Resources Steamboat Trace Trail web page for specific regulations. There are long stretches of trail with no services, come prepared.


The north end of the Steamboat Trace Trail is 6 miles south of the middle of Nebraska City and the trail goes past Peru and Brownville.

End Points & Trail Description

The north end of the Steamboat Trace Trail is located at a point 6 miles south of Nebraska City on S 70th Road. The the Arbor Station Trailhead is located in this area. The trail heads to the southeast from this point. At 13-miles south of the Arbor Station Trailhead, the Steamboat Trace Trail goes past the community of Peru. There is a trailhead with restroom on the north end of Peru adjacent to Plum Street.

After leaving Peru, the trail swings over to the banks of the Missouri River for a short stretch. The next town in Brownville, at 8 miles south of Peru along the trail. The Steamboat Trace Trail goes through the historic Lewis and Clark Campsite.

The south end of the Steamboat Trace Trail is located along 648A avenue, opposite of the Cooper Nuclear Station, 2.5 miles south of Brownville.


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