Map of the Omaha Riverfront Trail


Omaha Riverfront Trail

Omaha Riverfront Trail


22 miles




Fort Calhoun, Washington County, Douglas County, Omaha


farmland, natural areas alongside Missouri River, local parks, Eppley Airfield, Carter Lake, Downtown Omaha, bridges over the Missouri River


Iowa Riverfront Trail



Council Bluffs

The Omaha Riverfront Trail is a paved pathway that extends for over 22 miles along the Missouri River. It extends from a point 3 miles east of Fort Calhoun in the north to Mt Vernon Gardens in the south. Its route goes through wide open farmland, through forested stretches, past residential areas, adjacent to lakes, around Eppley Airfield, next to several local parks and through the the riverfront area of Downtown Omaha.


The Omaha Riverfront Trail is paved for its entire route. The trail is open for bike riding and walking. At its north end, there are long stretches of trail with few street crossings. Within the urban areas there are more street crossings

There are some gaps in the route of the trail where trail users must use local streets to reach the next section of the trail.


The Omaha Riverfront Trail starts near the community of Fort Calhoun. The trail passes through the rural areas of Washington County and Douglas County. The remainder of the trail is located within Omaha.

Points of Interest

The Omaha Riverfront Trail goes past the following points of interest:

Boyer Chute National Wildlife Refuge
NP Dodge Park
Twentiy-Eighth and Craig Street Park
Eppley Airfield
Carter Lake
TD Ameritrade Park
Millers Landing Rivers Edge State Park
Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge over the Missouri River
Riverfront Marina
Lewis and Clark Landing
Heartland of America Park
Lauritzen Gardens
Kenefick Park
Gomez-Heritage Elementary School
Mt. Vernon Gardens
Mandan Park
Nearby Trails

The Omaha Riverfront Trail connects to trails within the many parks in Nebraska along the route.

Iowa Riverfront Trail: a connection can be made with the pathway along the Missouri River in the Council Bluffs area by using the Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge or the pedestrian lane on the Missouri Avenue Bridge.

End Points & Trail Description

The north end of the Omaha Riverfront Trail is located in County Road 34, a little over 3 miles east of Highway 75 and Fort Calhoun and 1 mile west of Boyer Chute National Wildlife Rescue. From this point the trail heads south alongside P51 through open farmland. North of Interstate 680, the Omaha Riverfront Trail goes by NP Dodge Park.There is parking, restrooms, athletic fields, picnic areas and a small fishing pier at NP Dodge Park.

The first 8.5 miles of the trail is located away from the Missouri River, but after it goes under Interstate 680, it meets up with the west bank of the river. The trail then wraps around the west side of Eppley Airfield alongside Abbott Drive. The trail wanders through the greenbelt next to Carter Lake as far as E. Locust Street. South of Carter Lake, there is a break in the paved trail and you must ride along Abbott Drive to connect to the next finished portion.

The paved trail picks back up at Gallup Drive and Abbott Drive at Kenefick Park. The main trail heads south along Riverfront Drive, but there are numerous paved trails that lead over to the riverfront area which includes Lewis and Clark Landing Park and Heartland of America Park. South of this area, there is another gap in the trail to the south.

The next section of the Omaha River Front Trail runs along the west bank of the Missouri River from a point even with Pacific Street. It goes south past Laritzen Gardens and under Interstate 80. There are not a lot of access paths to the trail in this section, but you can catch it at the end of Missouri Avenue off of Gibson Road. At Gibson Road the trail travels along S. 13th Street as far south as Mt. Vernon Gardens Drive.

There are plans to extend the trail past Mt Vernon Gardens and Mandan Park and as far as the Fontenell Forest Nature Center.


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