Map of the Bitterroot Trail


The Bitterroot Trail in Western Montana

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Trail Name


45 miles




Missoula, Florence, Stevensville, Victor, Corvallis, Hamilton


Bitterroot Valley, views of the Bitterroot Mountains, prairie, farmland, rural towns



The Bitterroot Trail is a 45-mile long paved bike path located in Western Montana. The route for the Bitterroot Trail goes through the Bitterroot Valley and follows alongside U. S. Highway 93 on a separated path. The trail is part of the Rails-to-Trails program for turning abandoned railroad lines into public pathways for bike and pedestrian travel. This trail rides through the wide and beautiful Bitterroot Valley with views of the Bitterroot Mountain Range to the west and the winding Bitterroot River to the east.


The Bitterroot Trail goes through or nearby to the many communities located in the valley, including: Florence, Stevensville, Victor, Corvallis and Hamilton. There are paved access trails to Stevensville and Corvallis.

End Points

The north end of the Bitterroot Trail is located in the town of Lolo at the intersection of U.S. Highway 12 and U.S. Highway 93. Lolo is located 8 miles south from the center of Missoula. The Bitterrroot Trail heads south along Highway 93 through Lolo and beyond. On the south end of Lolo, the trail goes past Travelers' Rest State Park, whcih is the only archaeologically verified campground of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

The south end of the Bitterroot Trail is located 3 miles south of Golf Course Road in Hamilton, right at where Highway 93 crosses the Bitterroot River.


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