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Recreational trails for walking, running and cycling in Joplin, Missouri

Joplin, Missouri

Joplin, Missouri

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Frisco Greenway

King Jack Park Trail

Landreth Park Trail

Ruby Jack Trail

Shoal Creek Trail



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Joplin is located in Jasper County in southwest Missouri. The city has a rich history and is situated along the historic Route 66.

Ruby Jack Trail

The Ruby Jack Trail is a 16-mile long unpaved pathway that follows the route of an abandoned railway. The trail spans between Smithfield and Carthage to the north of Joplin. The trail has a surface of compacted crushed limestone or a natural unimproved surface. The rout extends to the state line of Missouri and Kansas.

The Ruby Jack Trail goes through rural Missouri, past farmland, wooded areas and wetland natural areas. The 9 miles of the trail around Carthage have an improved crushed limestone surface suitable for hybrid bikes and walking. The remainder of the trail has not been improved and is suitable for mountain bikes and hiking.

The Ruby Jack Trail goes through the communities of Smithfield, Carl Junction, Oronogo, and Carthage. Much of the route is very rural and trail users should come prepared with adequate water and supplies.

Frisco Greenway

The Frisco Greenway is a 4-mile long mostly unpaved pathway that spans between W. Broadway and E. North Street. This area is located to the west of S. Madison Street in Joplin. The trail follows the route of an abandoned railway line and goes past residential neighborhoods and commercial areas. The trail has a surface of graded and compacted gravel suitable for hybrid bikes and walking.

There are a few road crossings along the way, but most of the Frisco Greenway is located away from traffic and congestion. The trail is lined with trees to either side for much of the route.

The southern end of the Frisco Greenway is located near Landreth Park which has over a mile of pathways.


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