Map of the  Longleaf Trace, MS


Longleaf Trace, Mississippi

Longleaf Trace Mississippi

Longleaf Trace, Mississippi


40.6 miles




Prentiss, Bassfield, Sumrail, Hattiesburg


rail trail, Mississippi countryside, rural communities, forests, farmland, tunnels & bridges

The Longleaf Trace is a 40.6-mile long paved pathway located between Prentiss and Hattiesburg in southern Mississippi. The trail follows the route of an abandoned railroad and passes through the beautiful Mississippi countryside. The trail connects two larger cities, but passes through thick forestland and farmland. The trail crosses rivers with bridges and goes through a number of rural communities.


The Longleaf Trace is open for bike riding and running. The trail is paved the entire route. Most of the trail is located away from traffic and congestion. The portions within the urban areas do have a number of street crossings, but there are also underpasses and bridges.

There are long stretches of the trail without services. Be sure to plan your trip and take the necessary supplies. Much of the trail follows alongside or close to Route 42.


The Longleaf Trace goes past the following communities: Prentiss, Bassfield, Sumrail, and Hattiesburg.

Points of Interest

The Longleaf Trace goes past the following points of interest:

 Jefferson Davis High School - Bassfield
Sumrail High School
Pete Taylor Park - Hattiesburg
Reed Green Coliseum
University of Southern Mississippi campus
Hattisesburg High School
End Points

The northwest end of the Longleaf Trace is located along Front Street at Columbia Avenue in Prentiss. There is parking available at this location.

The southeast end of the trail is located along Mobile Street near E. 4th Street in Hattiesburg.


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