Map of the Torrey C. Brown Trail

Torrey C. Brown Trail

Torrey C. Brown Rail Trail Maryland map area

Torrey C. Brown Trail


20 miles


unpaved / aggregate / natural


Bentley Springs, White Hall, Monkton, Glencoe, Cockeysville


rail trail, Gunpower Falls State Park, Maryland countryside, woodlands, rural communities, farmand


Heritage Rail Trail County Park, Pennsylvania


Regional Trails

The Torrey C. Brown Trail is a 20-mile long unpaved pathway located between the New Freedom, Pennsylvania and Cockeysville, Maryland to the north of Baltimore. The trail follows an abandoned railroad corridor through the countryside of Northern Maryland.

The points of interest along the trail include the restored 1898 Monkton Train Station and the Sparks Bank Nature Center. Other things to watch for are the relics of the railroad such as the white whistle posts, milage markers and position light signals.


The Torrey C. Brown Trail is not paved and has a 10-foot wide compacted stone dust surface. The trail is open for hiking, running, bicycle riding and horseback riding.


The Torrey C. Brown Trail goes past the following communities: Bentley Springs, White Hall, Monkton, Glencoe and Cockeysville.

Connecting Trails

Heritage Rail Trail County Park: the two trails meet at the Maryland / Pennsylvania border and were both built along the same railroad corridor.

End Points

The north end of the Torrey C.Brown Trail is located along the Maryland / Pennsylvania border on the south side of the city of New Freedom, Pennsylvania. The trail is south of Orwig Road and connects to the Heritage Rail Trail at this location.

The south end of the trail is located at Ashland Road to the east of Paper Mill Road in Cockeysville.


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