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Baltimore, Maryland

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BWI Trail

Baltimore and Annapolis Trail

Baltimore Waterfront Promenade

Carroll Park Trail

Druid Hill Park Trail

Gwynn Falls Trail

Herring Run Trail

John Overstreet Connector

Jones Fall Trail

Jones Falls Trail

Lake Montebello Bike Path

North Point Spur Trail

Patterson Park Trail

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Baltimore is located along the shores of the Patapsco River in Eastern Maryland. The port city has a number of recreational trails that travel through the urban areas, parks or along the waterfront. This area is home to several universities, has busy ports and miles of waterfront.

Baltimore Waterfront Promenade

The Baltimore Waterfront Promenade is a set of paved pedestrian paths along the waterfront in Downtown Baltimore. The pathways go past marinas, restaurants, hotels, the Baltimore Visitor Center, the IMAX Theater, the American Victory Museum, Maryland Science Musuem, the U.S.S. Constitution, the USS Torsk, the USCGC Taney, Pier 6 and a number of small parks.

There are a number of spots along the Baltimore Waterfront Promenade where there are connections to the Jones Falls Trail.

Jones Falls Trail

The Jones Falls Trail is a 6-mile long system of paved and unpaved pathways that extends from Downtown Baltimore to the Clyburn Arboretum. The trail goes through Druid Hill Park, around Druid Lake, through Cold Springs Park and up to Clyburn Arboretum. The trail combines the wide paved sidewalks that wander through the downtown area along with paved or compacted aggregate trails through parks and dense woodlands. As with any urban area, be aware of your surroundings, travel with others when possible and do not leave valuable belongings in your vehicle.

The south end of the Jones Fall Trail is located at the Imax Theater on Light Street and Key Highway in Downtown Baltimore. The trail then takes several jogs along the sidewalks of downtown. In this area, there are links to the Baltimore Waterfront Promenade.

Leaving downtown, the Jones Falls Trail follows alongside Fallsway and takes a few more jogs until it reaches Druid Hill Park. The trail goes past the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore, then wanders through the wooded area at the north end of the park. The trail has a gap from Druid Hill Park to Clipper Road where it is necessary to use local street to get to the next section of trail.

The Jones Falls Trail starts up again at the end of Clipper Road near Hooper and Rockhouse Park. The trail goes past Loyola University Athletic Complex and continues north through Cold Spring Park. This is nor far from the Coldspring Light Rail Station.

The north end of the Jones Falls Trail is located near the greenhouses at Clyburn Arboretum. This park has hiking trails, an education center, the historic mansion and museums.

Gwynn Falls Trail

The Gwynn Falls Trail is a 15-mile linear greenway trail system that extends between Washington Boulevard near S. Monroe Street to Gwynn Falls / Leakin Park. The trail connects 30 neighborhoods in southwest Baltimore. It is used for bike riding and walking and experiencing nature. The northwest end of the trail system branches out withing Gwynn Falls / Leakin Park which is over 2000 acres of wilderness woodland park.

The Gwynn Falls Trail goes past the following points of interest: Carrie Murray Nature Center, the B&O Railroad Museum, Waterview West wildlife observation boardwalk and deck, the Baltimore Rowing Club, M&T Bank Stadium, Oriole Park at Camden Yards, Federal Hill Park and the Inner Harbor Promenade.

BWI Trail

The BWI Trail is a 12-mile long paved path that wraps around the Baltimore/Washington International Airport to the south of Baltimore. The trail follows alongside Dorsey Road and Aviation Boulevard for much of the route. The trail goes past Friendship Park, the BWI Rail Station, Andover Park and Lindale Middle School. At the south end of the loop, there is a short branch of the trail along Stewart Avenue where the BWI Trail has a connector trail that heads to the northeast and goes past Sawmill Creek Park to connect with the Baltimore and Annapolis Trail.

Baltimore and Annapolis Trail (B&A Trail)

The Baltimore and Annapolis Trail is a 13.3-mile long linear park that encompasses a wide paved trail. The trail extends from the intersection of Baltimore Annapolis Boulevard and 8th Avenue NW, just south of the Baltimore/Washington International Airport to Boulters Way near the intersection of Boulder Annapolis Boulevard and Highway 50 in Annapolis. The trail was constructed along an abandoned railroad corridor and goes through residential areas. The trail is open for bike riding and walking. The north end of the trail is close to the Cromwell / Glen Burnie Light Rail Station and to Sawmill Creek Park. There is a connector trail at this end to connect to the BMI Trail that wraps around the airport.

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