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Louisiana Trails

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Louisiana Trails


63 miles




Sibley, Heflin, Jamestown, Castor, Ashland, Chestnut, Winnfield


historical bridges, natural areas, wetlands, hardwood forests, farmland

The Louisiana Trails is a 63-mile long corridor between the communities of Sibley and Winnfield in Northern Louisiana. The natural trail provides miles of natural greenery and passes a number of small towns along the route. The trail was constructed along an abandoned railroad right-of-way. The trails carried logs for the lumber industry. there are a number of old trestle bridges along the route. The trail itself is still in development.


The unpaved trail is open for bike riding, hiking and allows horseback riding in some portions. Actual conditions of the trail varies and some sections are in better condition than others.


The Louisiana Trails goes past the following communities: Sibley, Heflin, Jamestown, Castor, Ashland, Chestnut and Winnfield.


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