Map of bike paths / walking paths in the Spirit Lake area


Recreational trails for walking and cycling in Spirit Lake, Okoboji and Milford, Iowa

Spirit Lake, Iowa map area

Spirit Lake, Iowa

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Iowa Great Lakes Trail

Loon Lake Trail


Regional Trails

Spirit Lake, Okoboji and Milford are located in Dickinson County in North Central Iowa. This is a very pretty rural area, just south of the border with Minnesota, nestled in amongst the natural lakes known as the Iowa Great Lakes of Spirit Lake, West Okoboji Lake,  East Okoboji Lake and Lower Gar Lake. These communities are a popular destination for boating and fishing. There is also a recreational trail system for bike riding, walking, running, enjoying the outdoors or commuting to work or to school.

Iowa Great Lakes Trail System

The Iowa Great Lakes Trail System has 25 miles of paved pathways that are located throughout the Spirit Lake area. This trail system wanders through multiple local parks and recreation areas and travels along the lake shore in many locations. There are a number of sections where trail users must use local roadways to reach the next portion of the trail.

Loon Lake Trail (Minnesota)

The Loon Lake Trail is a 2.8-mile long paved pathway that starts at the 700th Street on the Minnesota border and travels north to Loon Lake and Brown County Park in southern Minnesota.


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