Map of bike paths / walking paths in the Sioux City area


Recreational trails for walking and cycling in Sioux City, Iowa and South Sioux City, Nebraska

Sioux City, Iowa map area

Sioux City, Iowa

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Al Bengtson Trail Network

Bacon Creek Park Trail

Chautauqua Trail

Crystal Cove Park Trail

Floyd River Trail

Lewis & Clark Trail at Chris Larsen Park

Lewis & Clark Trail at Riverside Park

Perry Creek Trail


Regional Trails

Sioux City is located in Woodbury and Plymouth County in Western Iowa. Sioux City and South Sioux City have miles of recreational trails for bike riding and walking located throughout the two cities. There are paved trails along the Missouri River and trails that head out to the outer reaches of the cities. The trails offer a great way to get some exercise, get about town or enjoy the natural areas along the river.

Lewis & Clark Trail

The Lewis and Clark Trail consists of two trail sections that follow the banks of the Big Sioux River and the Missouri River as they wander through the city. The trail is paved and extends for over 6 miles.

The northwest end of the trail is located at the north end of Riverside Park near the swimming pool.  The trail then goes though the park, tucks under Interstate 29 then heads to the east to go past the confluence of the two rivers.

The second section of the Lewis & Clark Trail goes though Chris Larsen Park located on the north banks of the Missouri River and just south of Downtown Sioux City. The paved pathway wanders through the park going past the Sioux City Marina, the playground, the Spirit of Siouxland Statue and the Anderson Dance Pavilion. The trail ends near where the Floyd River flows into the Missouri River.

Perry Creek Trail

The Perry Creek Trail is a 3.5-mile long paved pathway located in the middle of Sioux City. The south end is located at Jackson Street, south of 3rd Street. The trail then follows the railroad tracks almost to Wesley Parkway then heads to the north. After crossing 6th Street the trail follows the channel of Perry Creek, going past Center Street Park and then all the way to Stone Park Boulevard.

Floyd River Trail

The Floyd River Trail is a 3.2-mile long paved trail located on the northeast side of Sioux City. The south end of the trail is located at 4th Street and Hoeven Drive. The trail follows alongside Hoeven Drive to 11th street then heads north to go past Headid Park. The north end of the Floyd River Trail is a 1/4 mile north of the underpass for Outer Drive.

Al Bengston Trail Network

The Al Bengston Trail Network is a system of trails located in South Sioux City. The trails are located at Jeffrey Dible Soccer Complex on the southwest banks of the Missouri and extend into other parts of the city.


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