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Regional recreational trails for walking, running and cycling in Iowa

Regional Recreational Trails, Iowa map area

Regional Recreational Trails, Iowa

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The State of Iowa has a large number of regional recreatonal trails for bike riding, running and walking. Many of these trails were constructed along abandoned railroad corridors as "rail trails". Other trails follow rivers or the waterfront along a lake going through parks and natural preserves. These trails connect neighborhoods, parks, commercial centers and communities. The trails are used for taking in some exercise, communiting to work or to school or for communing with nature.

Below is a list of many of the regional recreational trails in Iowa. Trail names in red will link to a map and description for that specific trail. Many more local recreational trails are shown on the maps for the individual cities.

Cedar River Trail North E 5.7 paved Cedar Rapids
Cedar River Trail South E 7.2 paved Cedar Rapids
Cedar Valley Nature Trail E  51 paved / unpaved Waterloo, La Porte City, Center Point, Cedar Rapids
Chautauqua Trail W 2.3 paved Sioux City
Chichaqua Valley Trail C 28.6 paved / unpaved Des Moines, Berwick, Bondurant, Baxter
Cinder Path S 19.2 unpaved Humeston, Derby, Charlton
Clive Greenbelt Trail C 6.8 paved Clive, Des Moines
Floyd River Trail W 3.2 paved Sioux City
Gay Lea Wilson Trail C 35 paved Des Moines, Pleasant Hill, Altoona
Gay Lea Wilson Trail Connection C 8.4 paved Des Moines, Ankeny
Grant Wood Trail E 8.9 unpaved Marion, Martelle
Great Western Trail C 17.2 paved Des Moines, Norwalk, Churchville, Matensdale
Heart of Iowa Nature Trail C 23.8 unpaved Slater, Huxley, Cambridge, Maxwell, Collins
Heritage Trail E 28.5 unpaved Dyersville, Durangos, Sageville, Dubuque
High Trestle Trail C 25.5 paved Woodward, Madrid, Slater, Ankeny
Iowa 330 Trail C 8 paved Melborne, Marshalltown
Iowa Great Lakes Trail &N 25 paved Orleans, Spirit Lake, Milford
Le Mars Recreational Trail NW 10 paved Le Mars
Jordan Creek Parkway Trail C 3.6 paved West Des Moines
Jordan Creek Trail C 8.4 paved West Des Moines
Lamoni Bike Trail S 4.4 paved Lamoni
Lewis & Clark Trail at Chris Larsen Park W 3 paved Sioux City
Lewis & Clark Trail at Riverside Park  W  2.9 paved Sioux City
Linn Creek Greenbelt C 9 paved Marshalltown
Mills Civil Parkway Trail C  4 paved West Des Moines
Neal Smith Trail C 24.9 paved Polk City, Ankeny, Des Moines
North Walnut Creek Trail C 3.5 paved Urbandale, Widsor Heights
Oralabor Gateway Trail C 5.9 paved Des Moines, Ankeny
Perry Creek Trail  W  3.4 paved Sioux City
Pinicon Ridge Trail E 2.6 paved Central City
Prairie Farmer Recreational Trail NE 20 paved Cresco, Ridgeway, Conover, Calmar
Raccoon River Valley Trail C  89 paved Clive, Waukee, Redfield, Jefferson, Perry
Rolling Prairie Trail C  39 unpaved / paved Coulter, Hampton, Allison, Clarksville, Shell Rock
Sac and Fox Trail E 7.3 unpaved Cedar Rapids
Sauk Rail Trail W 24 paved Lake View, Breda, Carroll
Summerset Trail C  11 paved Indianola, Carlisle
T-Bone Recreational Trail C 19.6 paved Lorah, Brayton, Audubon
Three Rivers Trail C  33.3 paved Lake View, Breda, Carroll
Trestle to Trestle Trail C  3.9 paved Johnston, Des Moines
Trolley Trail N 6.7 paved Clear Lake, Mason City
Trout Run Trail NE 10.3 unpaved Decorah
Vinton to Dysart Trail E 15.5 unpaved Dysart, Garrison, Vinton
Wabash Trace Nature Trail SE 62 unpaved Council Bluffs, Malvern, Shenandoah, Coin
Walnut Creek Trail  C  3.2 paved Des Moines
Wapsi-Great Western Line Trail NW 17.2 paved / unpaved McIntire, Riceville, Elma


Following are links to official off-site resources to find out more details about the recreational trails located in Iowa.

Individual Maps for Recreational Trails in Iowa

Below is a list of links to the individual maps for specific recreational trails in the State of Iowa. Additional trails are displayed on the maps for cities in Iowa.

Visit our Regional Recreational Trails page for a chart of trails with lengths, surfaces and communities.

Visit our Regional Recreational Trail Map to zoom into specific trails.

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