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Recreational trails for walking, running and cycling in Mason City, Iowa

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Mason City, Iowa

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Clear Lake Trail

East Park Trail

Ideal Creek Trail

Lester Milligan Park Trail

Trolley Trail

Willow Creek Trail

Winnebago River Trail


Regional Trails

Mason City is located to the east of Interstate 35 in Northern Iowa. This area is of Iowa roughly half way between Des Moines and Minneapolis, Minnesota and 25 miles south of the border of Iowa and Minnesota.

The city has a number of recreational trails for bike riding, running and walking.

Winnebago River Trail

The Winnebago River Trail is a 2.8-mile long paved and unpaved pathway that follows alongside the Winnebago River through Mason City. The trail travels through wooded areas and ends at East Park on the east side of the downtown area. The trail is unpaved with a surface of crushed stone for the most part. Some sections in the city are paved.

The south end of the Winnebago River Trail is located along S. Virginia Avenue near East Park. There is plenty of parking within this area. A pedestrian bridge crosses the river for access to the Mason City Swimming Pool and Margaret Mac Nider Park. At 12th Street NE there is a short gap in the trail. Trail users can use Elm Drive to reach the next section of trail.

The north end of the Winnebago River Trail is located on Lime Creek Road near the Lime Creek Conservation Center. There are 9 miles of pathways at the center for bike riding, hiking and horseback riding.

Willow Creek Trail

The Willow Creek Trail is a 1.5-mile long paved pathway that floows alongside Willow Creek on the west side of Mason City. The trail spans between N. Pierce Avenue and S. Pennsylvania Avenue. The trail travels through some wooded areas and goes past residential neighborhoods. The east end of the trail is close to the Southbridge Mall.

Trolley Trail

The Trolley Trail is a 6.7-mile long paved pathway that spans between Mason City and the community of Clear Lake. The trail follows alongside 255th Street for most of its route.

The east end of the Trolley Trail is located at S. Benjamin Avenue and connects to trails within Lester Milligan Park. The west end of the trail is located along Main Street in Clear Lake, 0.4-miles east of Interstate 35.

Ideal Creek Trail

The Ideal Creek Trail is a 1.5-mile long paved pathway that connects the bike path along 4th Street SE to the North Iowa Area Community College campus. The trail tavels through the natural areas alongside the meandering creek.

Clear Lake Trail

The Clear Lake Trail is a 2.8-mile long paved pathway on the west side of Clear Lake near the community of Ventura. The trail follows along side Balsam Avenue, crossing the lake then wanders through some wooded areas. The trail connects to the designated streets and bike lanes that wrap around all of Clear Lake.The trail goes past Garner-Hayfiled Ventura Intermediate School.

The north end of the Clear Lake Trail is located along Balsam Avenue at E. Lake Street in Ventura. The south end of the trail is located along 235th Street near Cardinal Avenue.


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